Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Look What Showed up in My Driveway Today?

Sorry for the lack of post tonight friends! But I have a good excuse...

That's right...our RV is here!!! Eric was like a kid on Christmas morning today. He tossed and turned all night, which is so not like him. He couldn't wait to pick this bad boy up and we had the family over to check it out when he got home. Addie and Blake wanted to sleep in it tonight.

In the driveway.

And honestly...I kind of did too. Ha! LOTS of fun pictures to come my friends! We are going to spend some time playing in it and taking measurements (so I can purchase the right organizational equipment) before we take it to storage in another day or so.

Come on Spring...get here already!! The Davis' are ready to camp!!!!

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  1. What amazing family memories you will make in there :) Congrats!


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