Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Garage Sales, Birthdays & a Cousin Playdate

I'm so happy to report that our garage sale was a smashing success, especially considering the weather was less than ideal this weekend. Saturday was pretty much a total bust because it was rainy and about 40 degrees, but that didn't stop this little chick from wanting to play in the driveway.

Friday was a LOT better, and we managed to move out about 75% of our stuff. There are a few things left that I am shocked by (super nice, inexpensive baby stuff) but I know I will be able to find all of it a good home soon. 

This clown, however, may never find a home because he is...




After all of the garage sale madness, it was really nice to spend our Sunday with family.

This morning, my two favorite blogging cousins, Diane and Krissy, brought their little munchkins over for a long awaited playdate!!!

I cannot BELIEVE how big this little guy is getting!!! With Diane, Bill and Logan all the way down in St. Louis, we don't get to see them often. But when we is such a treat. Diane was made to be a mommy and I just love watching her with Logan. 

Of course we all had to take a turn and get our baby fix :-)

Little Evie didn't leave his side for most of the playdate.

In fact, none of the kids left Logan alone! He was the man of the hour.

Aww...sweet cousins :-)

If you didn't notice in the above two daughter is wearing a nightgown. In the middle of the day. With company over. I know...big shocker. She is ALWAYS in a nightgown, but I swear she was only in one then because her and Gracie were playing dress up for most of the morning. She does own other clothes besides dress-up costumes and nightgowns. I swear :-)

I still can't get over how great all the kids played together today. Diane and Krissy and I actually got to sit and catch up, which was so nice!! The three of us (and a few of our other cousins) were super close growing up and it makes us all so happy to see our kids developing the same relationship. We are a lucky bunch :-)


After our playdate was over and the kids had a little down time, it was off to Mima and Papa Steve's house to celebrate Aunt Dana's BIRTHDAY!!!

My sis turns the big 3-2 tomorrow and we celebrated tonight the best way we know drinking and eating LOTS of yummy food. We had Portillos beef sandwiches and my mother-in-law made a homemade chop salad and it was freaking DELICIOUS!!!! But Eric and I are insanely over on our calories this weekend. Ask me if I care though :-)

Because it was Dana's birthday, we thought it was only fair that the guys entertained the kids so we could sit and chit-chat. So Papa Steve did his duty and spent quality time with each of the girls...

While Uncle Eric wrestled with the boys (and Addie) downstairs.

Family parties are getting so darn fun with the kids. These two are ALWAYS up to no good. Here they are telling each other "secrets" and giggling about God knows what.

And then it was CAKE TIME!!! The cake hounds were out in full force...

I just love this picture. Look at them all staring at the cake ready to dive in. Addie is even licking her lips.

Sadly, my coconut sheet cake was not a huge hit with any of the kids...except Blake.

I've been SUPER excited all week for Dana to open her gifts because my mother-in-law had my mom make Dana a camera bag and matching strap for her birthday. 

Isn't it so cute? I think Dana loved it.

And then there's my gift. A big crate of booze and money to go buy some new summer shoes :-)

I know the way to my sister's heart :-)

It's honestly amazing that I even have energy to be typing right now. What a LONG, but fun weekend we had! And next weekend will be no different because we are going 


Stay tuned for a week of fun on A Daily Dose of Davis. Mother's Day crafts and printables, a BIG announcement on Wednesday and a tour of our stocked camper :-) Woohoo!!

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  1. So glad your garage sale was a success! High five to you and Eric!

    Loved the pics, as always! Super duper cute! I'm totally encouraging you to get in touch with my Sister so she can pass along a gift basket similar to the one you gave your Sis for my birthday this July. Haha I spotted a ginormous bottle of Malibu...HECK YES! Ha!

    Can't wait to see your exciting post - you've teased us all for some damn long I'm just about bursting at the seems!

    P.S. I LOVED camping and I can't wait to do it with my kids today (ven if my wimp of a hubby is terrified of bugs. I'm totally gonna lie to him and convince him that the woods in VT are relatively bug free...think his English ignorance will prove beneficial? Nah. He'll probably smell a rat!)

    Lots and lots of love,
    Your Twin xoxo

    1. P.P.S.
      EWWW! I've written the incorrect seems!! (totally meant seams), and now I'm disgusted that I have an English degree and I'm incapable of using correct grammar even in blog comments. I'M A BIG FAT FAILURE! That is all.

  2. What a fun weekend! And Sunday Funday's are the best :)

    Can't wait to hear about your camping adventures!!!

  3. It was so fun getting together! I hope we can do it again soon!

  4. I'm glad you had such an awesome response to your garage sale on Friday! :) and I'm SO excited to get my garage sale items in the mail! ;) YOU ROCK!

    And oh my gosh --- announcement!? Whaaaaaat is it!!?!?!?!!??!


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