Monday, April 9, 2012

What a Hoppy Easter it Was is everyone recovering from all the Easter fun yesterday? We had such a wonderful holiday.

It all started with the arrival of the Easter Bunny. I think he went a little overboard on the kids this year. My rule has always been to only get what fits in the basket but...sometimes Mommy the Easter Bunny can't help himself.

Plus...this girl has been asking for this Lalaloopsy Mermaid for a while now and she was SO EXCITED to see her.

This guy was excited about his basket too but there were only two things he really cared about. His new trucks...

And candy. Especially the gold coin chocolates, or "Gold Dabloons".

Would you look at that bedhead?!!

I have no idea where he gets it.

Ha :-)

So...after we tore through our baskets of goodies, it was easter egg hunt time. This picture just captures the moment. My little candy hound with Skittle juice dripping down his chin. Awesome.

Blake didn't really get the whole concept of finding the eggs first, and then going through the loot. So every time he found an egg, he would just bust it open and eat what was inside. He got about 3 eggs.

Addie dominated the egg hunt and only paused one time to ask what this was.

Daddy thought it would be hilarious to put a fortune cookie in one of the eggs. SO random.

After the egg hunt, we spent the rest of our early morning playing with the kids and their new toys.

And then we remembered that we planted magic jelly beans the night before!!!!! So we ran outside to see what grew.

You know...I seriously love Pinterest. This was such a neat idea and the kids thought it was awesome.

After we were covered in sticky sugar...there was only one thing to do before guests arrived...

Take a bath with our new toys!!!!

I swear these kids would live in the bath tub if  they could, but they got out just in time for the party start.

Every holiday I get to spend with my family is such a blessing, but having my grandma there always makes it that much more special.

The kids are lucky to have so many Nanas, Papas and Great Nanas and Papas in their lives :-)

Uncle Ryan even managed to stop for a quick hello yesterday on his way back home. The kids were so excited.

Visiting with everyone was fun yesterday, but there was a good 45 minutes where no one spoke, and that's because we were all stuffing our faces with this amazing breakfast!!!!!!

And to let it settle, we sat outside in the sunshine.

And drank some coffee :-)

While the guys sat inside talking about politics. No thanks.

Look...the conversation even bored Blake to sleep.

It was really a wonderful morning and everyone got lots of cuddle time.

The rest of the afternoon we spent outside. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had lots of sugar energy to burn. 

Blake was all about the soccer net Santa brought him this year. He hasn't had a chance to use it.

But I think someone needs to explain to him that he has to go in and get the ball once it goes into the net. I think he thought it was just going to fly back out at him.

And then there's Addie. My tutu wearing soccer player. This was our 4th outfit change for the day.

She dresses like a girlie girl, but plays like a boy. 

Blake couldn't keep up with the serious soccer match going on between Daddy and Addie, so he decided to play pirate.

Or...uh...pirate soccer??

All that delicious food and fresh air made for one relaxing evening, which is exactly what Eric and I asked for this Easter :-) We ate some steaks, watched some movies and cuddled on the couch. And before we knew it...

Another one bit the dust :-)

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!! I know we did :-)


  1. Seriously cutest Easter pictures EVER!:) You're making me want kids! ;) LOL

  2. What a great Easter! I love how you are always surrounded by family. That must be so special for the kids, they are so lucky! I'm glad you had a good Easter!! xoxo

  3. Oh that is a awesome idea about the magic jelly beans! And your babies are adorable as always. My cousins came over and Blake reminded me of one of them. She hunted eggs for a bit and then anounced she was finished and was going to eat her candy LOL!

    Happy (Belated) Easter!
    Cassandra ♥

  4. What a great Easter with your family Jen! The pictures are priceless especially the last one...what a great way to sum up such a great day :)

    Happy Easter!


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