Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's FINALS Week!

It's finals week baby!! I am just one class period away from having the entire summer off! Well...from teaching anyway :-)

 I have to admit though...I am REALLY sad to see this class go. I have had an incredible group of students this semester and that is why I do feel a little bad for poking fun at them...but I'm going to do it anyway.

Every semester, it's the same thing. You say the words


and everybody completely flips out.

Or they have a nervous breakdown when they realize there is NO FREAKING WAY to pull that "D" to an "A" with one week left of class.

Sorry Dawson...that's what happens when you don't turn in your work.

The fact is, my students really don't need to worry about the final if they have listened to me in class all semester. I have literally been giving them the answers and dropping OBVIOUS hints about what their final will consist of.

You see...the key word there is "Listen". If they've listened all semester, they have this final exam in the bag. But damn iPhones, Facebook and Twitter make it very difficult to do that. These poor students try to work on projects but then get sucked into technology. I'm guilty too my friends.

I guess all I can really say to them at this point in the semester is...

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