Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Addie's 2nd Dance Recital

When I look at this little peanut and think of all the fun she had this year in dance, it's hard to remember that scared little 2-year-old that wanted absolutely nothing to do with leaving my side. Our first year of dance was hard, but it helped Addie blossom into this independent, talented little dancer that loves twirling to music and showing people "her moves". I am so so proud of her and everything she has accomplished this year.

Actually, I'm proud of all my girls this year. Nia Beans has become quite the little dancer too. It's so fun watching these two together.

The first step in our whole recital process last week was the Dress Rehearsal. This is the only day you can take pictures of the girls on stage so I snapped a few. And by few...I mean 100. Ha!

But I will spare you all the shots of Addie and just give you a little summary of their time on stage.

My baby girl was the one to lead them out. 

When the girls took the stage, it was pretty much what we expected it to be. Mass confusion. Where do we stand, when do we start, why is my dot red and hers is green...you get the idea :-)

But then the music started and the girls knew what to do. This is Addie and her partner, Jersey.

Here are all the little peanuts on stage...totally lost in the routine. Haha! But they were still SO CUTE!

The dress rehearsal was a success and so was the recital. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the show and we were able to grab a few pictures before going in.

Daddy and his little girl :-)

Daddy (Uncle Eric) and his TWO little girls :-)

My SIL Dana and I and the girls.

There are seriously so many talented dancers that go to Addie's studio. We had such a great time watching all the routines. And then when Act I was over, we got to go out and grab our girls. Here is "Miss America" accepting her flowers.

Oh you shouldn't have!!

I was waiting all day for these!

Addie and Nana :-)

Nia got flowers too :-)

And here's trouble. The Three Musketeers :-)

Addie and Nia with Mima and Papa Steve...

Addie with Nana and Papa...

Addie and Nia with Uncle Joe...who gave me full rights to post this picture. Ha!

The girls goofing off, like usual :-)

And one last picture with mama :-)

I know you are all wondering were Blakester was during all this fun, and the answer is...With Great Grandma!!!

There is no way my little man would have made it through the hour and a half performance. In the dark theater. On someone's lap. So he stayed home where he could play and I think Great Grandma enjoyed the time alone with him :-)


It was a WONDERFUL year for my little ballerina and although the break from dance will be nice this summer, I know she will be excited to start ballet and TAP come September :-)

Great job this year peanut! Mommy and Daddy are SO PROUD of you!!


  1. How adorable! :) Love that little tutu!

  2. "Why is my dot red and hers green?" and thte "Miss America" comments pretty much rocked my world. BAHAHAHA! Totally laughed out loud.

    Such a sweet post and Addie is so stinkin cute it's unreal. Every time I see pictures of your babies I wanna scoop them up and give them cuddles. Oh and perhaps play princess and pirates like I do with my students. What? Don't judge. Kid at heart over here...

    Congratulations, Addie! You're the most beautiful ballerina I've ever seen :) xoxo

  3. So adorable! I remember when you posted about her first dance class, I'm so glad that she has found her love of dance:) Abi has her recital on Friday and we can not wait! Love this time of year!! Great job Addie!!

  4. Seriously? Your little princess is adorable ;) Better watch out Jen she is going to be a heartbreaker! {not that you want to think about that right now ha }


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