Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Positive Attitudes, a Sleepover First & Date Night!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!! For the first time in almost 2.5 years, I am sitting alone in my peaceful house, drinking my morning coffee. This, following a night of completely uninterrupted sleep is just plain HEAVEN!!!

How is this all possible you ask?'s because the kiddies had a sleepover at Nana & Papa's!!! Addie has had a million sleepovers but this was Blake's very first sleepover EVER!!!

Look how cute they are with their little sleeping bags :-)

The kids were both so excited about their little sleepover together, Addie even helped Blake pack is backpack. She is the sleepover expert after all. I just pray there were at least pajamas in it. 

After my rough little week, my parents agreed to take the kids so that Eric and I could have a dinner alone and catch up on some sleep. I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate them doing this because we had a wonderful night and I truly feel like a million bucks today!!!

Eric and I definitely needed that night alone, but I also think my little attitude adjustment on Friday made things better this weekend too. It's amazing how much easier your day is when you keep calm & carry on...regardless of the "shit tornado" (thanks Chels) that is happening around you. And when I am less stressed and more are the kids. I NEED to remember that every time we are having a bad day. It's just hard to do that sometimes... addition to having an alone night with Eric, I also got to have an alone lunch with my sweet friends Marie and Mary Kay. It was Marie's graduation party and I was able to go kidless so Marie and MK and I got to have our first full conversation in over a year. Haha! It was much needed and just another cherry on my sundae of a weekend. SO HAPPY I got to spend time with you girls! Miss you so much :-)


And finally...the other BIG accomplishment for this weekend was this...

Joe and Dana and I ran 12 SOLID MILES yesterday and lived to tell about it. In fact, it was a pretty great run. We all kept good pace with each other (slow and steady) and were able to run the entire 2 hours and 12 minutes. That is just freaking incredible to me.

Joe and I came back to cheers our run with a delicious chocolate banana protein shake :-)

And after that, I soaked my tired ass muscles in the kiddie pool. The freezing cold hose water felt amazing.

So now I am recovered and refreshed and ready to start the week!!! We have a nice, lazy few days ahead of us with no summer camp or big commitments, and then Friday starts another weekend of fun! We have a great playdate scheduled for that morning and then on Saturday, the kids will have another awesome sleepover with Nana and Papa so that we can all head to the city for the BIG RACE!!!!!!



  1. 12 miles!! That's awesome! I have just decided to start running, after never being a good runner, and can currently run for two minutes! LOL. Maybe I have asthma? Way to go and stay with it!

  2. Yay for date night! We got one of those of Saturday. It was so much fun! And woohoo for 12 miles!!

  3. I've missed so much in the last couple of months. I'm sorry I haven't been around to comment lately! You look fantastic, congrats on your 12 mile run. That is awesome! I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  4. Congratulations on your 12 miles! That is so amazing!!! So proud of you Jen!! So glad you got a night away from the kiddos! Sometimes those type of nights are so needed!

  5. Ahhhh! You guys are so awesome, seriously! I may cry reading your half marathon posts, just sayin!!! So glad you got to have some couple time. You two look great!!!

  6. 12 MILES?!?! WELL DONE! Seriously so proud of you!

    I love that date night photo of you and Eric. You both deserved a night out, just the two of you to enjoy alochol and good friends. Your Mom and Daddy-o have fantabulous timing.

    Also, the phrase 'Shit Tornado' has been added to my vocabulary. Thank you friend Chelsea. Haha! xoxo


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