Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Nia Beans!!

I can't believe the first baby in our family turns FIVE today!!!! I can still remember the night Dana told us she was pregnant and finally started sporting her little baby bump...

And of course I remember holding my little Nia Beans for the first time (when I was 9 months pregnant with Addie :-)

And then she was here! Our sweet, sassy little peanut was the first baby in the family and she has been playing mommy ever since :-)

It's so hard to believe she is FIVE though!! Where does the time go?

I have actually had Nia's birthday present for about 6 weeks and I have been DYING to give it to her. We got her the Sleeping Beauty Costume from the Disney Store with all the accessories and some other things and Dana and I thought it would be cute to put it in a big special box.

Her reaction (and Nolan's) was everything I hoped it would be, and more :-)

I think I know what someone is going to be for Halloween this year!

Now, our gift to Nia was MY favorite part of the party, but Nia's favorite part was her My Little Pony PiƱata. She has been talking about it for weeks :-) Here she is getting everyone in line and ready to go.

Her first swing was a doozie.

And one by one, every kid took a swing (or 5). I love Eric's cousin Sarah in the back keeping the kids safe from the bat. Haha!

Now this picture of Blake makes me laugh so hard because if you look at the ground, you will see Cole. He was SO upset that his turn was over. Poor bugger. Haha!

And finally...after one last swing...

It was candy time!!

This one couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him eat the whole bag.

I honestly felt like I took so many more pictures at the party, but between eating and feeding the kids, chasing them around the yard and shoving cupcakes in our mouths, it's a wonder I got any pictures at all. Ha! I think I may have to steal Dana's camera for a few others.

But I did manage to get one last shot towards the end of the night of Addie, Nia and Audrey admiring Nia's new gown :-)

It was a great party as always and I think Nia had a GREAT time.

Happy Birthday Beans!!! Aunt Jen loves you to pieces!!!


  1. Aww I live the last picture of the girls! The oldest grand baby in our family is turning 8 next month! They grow too fast!

  2. I love the way you packaged her present - so cute!! Looks like a fun party!


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