Monday, September 17, 2012

Addie's Weekend in a Nutshell: Sleepovers, Carnivals & Really Big Snakes

I am going to dedicate this week's Weekend in a Nutshell post to Addie because she truly had the best weekend EVER!!!

On Friday morning, Addie was the special person at Preschool. She got to bring a snack and a toy for show-n-tell...but the part she loves the most is getting the sticker and sitting in the "special seat". She talked about it ALL WEEK LONG...but definitely not as much as she talked about where she was going on Friday night.

My brother Ryan made a deal with Addie a few years ago. He said as soon as she could wipe her own butt, she could have a sleepover at his house. Haha!

Well it's been a while since Addie learned to wipe her own butt, but when Baby Owen came was just too busy for a sleepover. But now that Baby Owen isn't a baby anymore (tear...) Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan decided it was finally time for that sleepover!!! And they had a lot of fun in store for her. 

So Friday night, I took Addie up to meet Uncle Ryan at work and she was all smiles. As he was buckling her into her carseat, she was already listing off the things she wanted to make homemade pizza :-) 

Well Aunt Meagan had that covered :-)

After their yummy dinner, they took a walk to the park...

And then came home and made some crafts...Uncle Ryan too...

And then it was cuddle time. I warned Ryan that Addie would definitely weasel her way into his bed at some point, so he just decided to cuddle with her from the beginning :-) Meagan tells me they both fell asleep watching cartoons.

The next day, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan took Addie to their company's Family Picnic. They go all out for this event with carnival rides and a petting zoo. Addie and Uncle Ry rode the ferris wheel...

And rode some ponies...

And this guy just hung out and enjoyed the view...

And cruised around like a big boy :-)

Addie as already asked me about 100 times when she gets to go back to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan's for a sleepover. Something tells me they will both want her back real soon :-)


After the family picnic, I raced to pick Addie up because we had her cousin Brennan's birthday party too!! We made it just in time for Brennan's BIG surprise. Here are all the kids waiting to see who was coming...

And it was the Reptile Guy!!!! Brennan was so excited and Mr. Reptile brought all of his favorite friends...

 This is the same guy that did Nolan's birthday party in March, so all the kids were familiar with him and the reptiles. They were just as fearless as ever!!

And of course, their FAVORITE reptile of all...Chiquita the snake :-)

At Nolan's party, every other kid was all about the reptiles except for Blake and Cole. The two of them could have really cared less. But this time...those boys were all over these things!!

Every time you looked, Blake was petting something. Chiquita was definitely his favorite.

But then in true Blake-n-Cole fashion...they were off playing with cars in no time :-)

As you can see, Brennan's birthday party was a smashing success! 

And after being special person, having a sleepover, going to a carnival/petting zoo AND a reptile birthday show...Addie was SPENT when we got home. I have never seen her crash harder for bedtime. She also slept in until 8:00 on Sunday, which is huge for her.

So thank you Uncle Ryan, Aunt Meagan, Baby Owen and Mr. Reptile guy for giving Addie the best weekend ever! And it wasn't over yet!! We also had Papa Steve's birthday party yesterday, but we will save that post for another day :-)


  1. How awesome! :) I saw those pictures on FB and was TERRIFIED of the snakes! LOL :)

  2. Aww! So cute! I am so glad Addie had such a fun time. Those are some *BIG* snakes! I like the picture of Blake off playing cars.

  3. How fun! That snake is GINORMOUS!!

  4. Awe, fun! Minus reptile man. PASS!

  5. I cannot believe Princess Addie is TOUCHING that giant snake! Ewwww!!! She is so brave (and so cute)

  6. That's awesome! It looks like she had a great weekend! And can we talk about these reptiles? These kids are brave!

  7. I'm glad Addie had such a great time at her Uncle's. That is one thing I really hate my kids missing out on since we live so far away from family. Did you touch any of those snakes?!

  8. I cannot believe how comfortable the kids were with all those snakes! Amazing!! My 2yo Rhys sees one in a book and very matter-of-factly states, "I don't like snakes, mommmy." Great pics!

  9. Looks like such a fun weekend. But oh the snakes! I would have been scared to death!


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