Thursday, September 13, 2012

So What...Thursday??

So I sat down last night to write this post so that I could link up with Shannon for So What Wednesday today...

So What Wednesday

And didn't realize until I'd written the ENTIRE post that today is in fact Thursday.

Thursday, people.

I am an entire day off somehow.

Story of my life.

So even though it isn't Wednesday, I am still going to link up and say


* I bought Addie's Halloween costume in August. I had a Disney store coupon that was about to expire and let's be honest...the girl does make an adorable mermaid. Here is our little photoshoot from the other day.

* I'm letting Blake go as Lightening McQueen for the second year in a row. The costume still fits and he wore it for about 11 minutes last year. Also, wearing it 2 years means I can now justify the $30 I spent on it. And speaking of Blake...

* I am about 3 weeks overdue in taking Blake for a haircut.'s starting to get crazy. But I just dread it so much!!

* I've already had 3 pumpkin spice lattes this year. I mean that's sad...they just came out last week. But at least I am in good company...

* I have a drawer full of Scentsy but when fall rolls around...I just can't let go of my Yankee Candles.

* I literally had 3 pairs of Frye boots in my house at once. The pair Eric gave me that didn't fit, the pair I reordered in extended calf, and then the pair I found on Amazon for 2/3 of the price!!!! They had a great coupon going on that worked on Fryes and when you consider that plus no sales tax...HUGE savings! I have since returned the other two pairs and I am just working up the courage to take the tags off the third pair.

* I have a million planners, binders and lists...but I still can't seem to get my shit together lately. CLEARLY!!! I thought it was Wednesday for crying out loud! I don't know if this stupidity is because of the kids, my lack of sleep, our new back-to-school schedule, or all of the above...but I hate feeling like this. I'm a hot mess.

And finally...

* So what if I plan on drinking coffee all day until it's time to switch to wine. Maybe It'll give me some clarity :-)


  1. Cute little mermaid! And take the damn tags off!! Enjoy your coffee :)

  2. Mmmmm lighting my Yankee candles this week....heaven!!

  3. I need to take a picture of the dress that my mom made me for my 4th or 5th birthday with Ariel on it! Little Mermaid Lovers Unite :)

  4. Love the mermaid outfit! Don't worry. I feel like a basket of all things unorganized too. It seems instead of slowing down the school year has just piled more onto an already full schedule. I can't help but think the holidays will just make it worse!

  5. I know I've told you this already, but I was Ariel for Halloween when I was little too!! TRIPLETS!!! Addie is so cute! I'll try and dig out mine too for a laugh. I wore the long red wig and everything - by time I came home from trick-or-treating I had half the local autumn foliage trailing behind me in the synthetic hair. Hahaa!

  6. LOL. I thought that it was Thursday ALL WEEK LONG. True story.

    And I know I'm pregnant and not supposed to be consuming caffeine, and I totally have avoided it, but I have had FOUR pumpkin spice lattes. FOUR!

    And you're totally not alone with the organization thing. I feel incredibly unorganized right now:( and it's heartbreaking cause its making me neurotic.

  7. LOL! How did I miss this post? Poor Jen, please get some sleep :)!

    And as for the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, well there are some things in life that cannot be avoided. And they are SO FREAKIN' GOOD!!!


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