Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Because this just works for today :-)

Sometimes: I finally get a good night's sleep and think, "I am crossing EVERYTHING off my to-do list today."

Always: 10 new things are added to the list before 10:00 am and I find myself re-writing the same list the next day :-)

Sometimes: I plan on grading a few papers each night so that I can take my time and not get overwhelmed.

Always: I realize it's the day before class and I've only completed 2 of 24 papers. Sigh...

Sometimes: I don't want to work out.

Always: I feel so much better about myself {and life} when I just suck it up and do it.

Sometimes: I bake a batch of cinnamon spice cupcakes and promise myself I will only have one.

Always: All the cupcakes are gone within two days. I am not saying I ate them all...but...you know.

Sometimes: I swear I'll be a better blogger.

Always: I am apologizing a week later for being a crappy blogger :-) So again...sorry for being a crappy blogger. Ha!


  1. Oh you and me both! Don't worry mama, it happens to us all. And by the way, I got the package yesterday. I'm so excited!

  2. Sometimes these are the best posts. And can someone please tell me why it seems more gets added to our to do lists daily?


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