Tuesday, October 30, 2012

100 Days to Christmas Catch-Up

All through through the month of August, I was literally counting down the days until I could begin my 100 Days to Christmas ebook. I was SO excited to get started with all the daily projects and tasks and most of all...I was really looking forward to blogging about them.

So as I was jotting down some ideas for our Advent Activities Calendar {Task for Octboer 23rd} I realized I hadn't blogged about my progress in over a MONTH!! Where is the time going...seriously?! November starts in 2 DAYS! 

I figured if I am going to share anything from this fabulous book this season, I had better get started and do a little catch-up. So with that in mind, here are a few of my favorite {completed} tasks from the month of October.

Oct 11: Stock up on Stocking Stuffers

The Target Dollar Spot. Need I say more? I don't think there has ever been a time when I have escaped Target without picking SOMETHING up from the dollar bins. Coloring books, stickers, notepads, board books, sippy cups, sunglasses...you name it. It's pretty much my one-stop-shop for the kid's stockings.

Eric and I, on the other hand, only do stockings for each other. Small things, mostly essential items like new socks, a gift card, shaving cream, etc. But we like to treat each other a little too. So I like to visit The Art of Shaving for him, and he visits Origins or Benefit for me. We also like to surprise each other with some little fun stuff we aren't expecting. And gentlemen...if you are clueless when it comes to "cute little fun stuff" for your wife or girlfriend, here's a little list from this cute shop I love...

Also, I've also become OBSESSED with a new website called The Joy of Socks.The Joy of Socks

They sell some of the CUTEST athletic socks and tights. If you have a sock-lover in your family, especially an athlete that likes to spice it up...you have to check out this shop. It's where we bought our pink and black striped socks for our half marathon :-)

Stocking stuffers may be my favorite thing to buy...so don't be surprised if I post about them every time I find a cute new shop :-)

October 23: Advent Activity Planner

This was one of my favorite things to do with the kids last year. In case you aren't familiar, an Advent Activities Calendar is a list you make for all 25 days of Advent. They usually look something like this...

For each day of Advent, you write down one activity you would like to do with your family. Our list last year had things like drive around to see Christmas lights, bake cookies, do a Christmas craft, Watch "Charlie Brown Christmas and eat popcorn", etc. One of the special things we added to our list last year that I hope to make a regular event is a charity day. Last year, we helped out with a toy drive that benefited the sick kids at Children's Memorial Hospital. We plan to help with this organization again this year, and possibly add something new. This actually brings me to my next October task...

October 24: Establish a Tradition of Giving

Last year I walked into a room filled with toys. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, this place was packed. Barbies, Lego sets, race cars, books, stuffed animals, you name it. And it was all there because one little boy had a dream before he died. Mark Staehely spent a lot of time at Children's Memorial Hospital while he battled cancer, so he understood how important it was to brighten a sick child's spirit at Christmastime. Mark started a toy drive with the goal of providing every sick child in the hospital with a new toy on Christmas. With the help of his wonderful family, friends and our community, Mark's Toy Drive has become one of the most successful individual toy drives the hospital has ever seen. I was honored to be a part of this toy drive last year and Addie and I got to see first hand just how much work and generosity goes into this mission. Here is Addie standing among all of the gifts ready to be delivered at the hospital.

The Make Your Mark Foundation is doing so many wonderful things throughout the year...I feel like the least I can do is support them in every way I can this Christmas.

And this isn't the only charity I plan to work with this holiday season. Around Easter, my AWESOME friends and family helped me collect a bunch of shoes for Share Your Soles and I would love to collect more for a holiday donation. I would also like to select a person/family from The Angel Tree and also have the kids pick out books to donate to the Barnes and Noble Holiday Book Drive.

To me, there is no greater feeling than giving back to others and helping those that are less fortunate than me. I am SO BLESSED...blessed to the point where I often feel guilty about it. But if there is one way to show God my appreciation...it's by helping others. And I don't do that just for me anymore. I do it because I want to teach Addie and Blake the same lesson. I want them to feel that same joy I experience when I help someone else. Eric and I want to establish a tradition of giving with them, which is why I want to include them in everything that we do this Christmas {and all year long}. 

I want to do this now so that when they grow up, they will have a giving heart as big as my sweet friend Kenzie's. In case you don't follow her blog, let me tell you...this girl is doing more in her teens than some people do in their entire life. Just recently, Kenz has committed to a very big goal...one that will raise $1000 for an organization called Speed the Light.

If you are already looking for some amazing charities to donate to this year, I encourage you to please check out Kenzie's post and read more about what this organization is doing to change the world. Or better yet, check out her blog just so see what she is doing to change the world :-) I've donated...will you?

October 29th: Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"

So this is just the nerd in me, but I love that one of the tasks for this month is to read. I love Edgar Allen Poe but I am afraid Addie and Blake aren't quite ready for that craziness yet. So we visited the library to pick out some more age-appropriate Halloween books. This has been our favorite...

What Halloween books are your favorites?


Ahh...I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that I have caught you all up to speed on my 100 Days to Christmas journey. Are any of you following along and finding it as helpful as I am? Have you managed to complete most of the tasks? Which were your favorite?


  1. Love, love, love this post! It makes me SO excited for ALL of the Christmas festivities!!! Love, the advent idea...so cute! You seriously are a rock star mom - just saying' :)

  2. I don't know why I haven't downloaded this. It's great! We're going to start major Christmas shopping this weekend, and now, I'll be sure to check out the dollar bins at Target.

    We love books, too! Currently, the boys are obsessed (and by obsessed I mean we read it every night) with The Spooky Old Tree.


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