Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why I Chose to Become a College English Teacher

A week or two ago, in the middle of a great class discussion, one of my students asked why I became a college English teacher. Why not elementary? Why not high school? Why not math?

These were all excellent questions and to be honest, I hadn't thought about the answers in a while. Why did I choose to become a college English teacher?

And just as I asked myself that question, the answers came flooding back.

1. I don't do math. 

My only reaction

2. I don't have to wipe anyone's butt or clean up after arts and crafts. 


3. College students really aren't that much different than preschoolers.

 mom! mom! mom!

Did you know the average adult learner asks about 857 questions a class period?
And the average 18-year-old student asks 2 questions...neither of which pertain to class?

4. I get to share jokes like this...

Pinned Image

And this...

5. I love books.


6. I love writing.

Keep Calm And Write Something

7. I love teaching others to love books.

love reading

And most importantly...

8. I love teaching others to love writing...

Or to at least be more confident when writing :-)

I think we all need to ask ourselves more often why we do what we do. Even if it's just for a good giggle :-)


  1. I love this Jen! If I was ever a teacher it would be English. I don't do Math. And I always got A's in English. I just loved it in school. I'm a huge bookworm and love to read.

  2. I love, love, LOVE this. I wish you were my English teacher!


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