Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Very Merry Christmas

Well...another WONDERFUL Christmas is in the books!! I honestly can't believe it is over. I feel like I was just putting together my Christmas lists the other day, and now we have a house FULL of toys, wrapping paper, boxes and a zillion twist ties. We were all SO SPOILED by Santa and our family this year. And as fun as it was for everyone to tear into their gifts, I think the best part about this year (and every year) was getting to spend so much time with our families :-)

Our holiday fun continued on Sunday when we celebrated Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. This is the night my Grandma waits for all year :-)

And the scene never changes :-)

While the guys sat in the living room watching TV, the girls sat in the kitchen talking to my cousin Jill about her big move to Colorado!! Her boyfriend Ben got a new job so she will be leaving us the end of January. I am SUPER sad to be losing my Jilly, but it will be great to go visit her one day soon.

One of the best parts about Christmas this year was watching the kids play together. I know Grams feels so blessed to be able to watch all of her Great Grandbabies running around the house.

Of course, the majority of our entertainment comes from this little drama queen...

But this little guy gave us a bunch of giggles this year too...

And so did this peanut :-)

 And after one too many wines, I may have also done a little comedy routine.

 And everyone loved Nana in her new towel wrap :-)

It was a GREAT night full of laughs and love. 

And the fun didn't stop there!!

On Christmas Eve, we had a little impromptu brunch with Aunt Meagan, Uncle Ryan and Owen since they stayed with my parents. The kids were SO EXCITED to get to have breakfast together!

And then Christmas Eve night, we headed to my Mom and Dad's...a tradition I look forward to so very much. We all wear our PJs and enjoy the night eating, drinking and laughing. Oh...and opening massive piles of presents.

The kids always go first...

And then the rest of us go and show off what we got :-)

Every Christmas Eve, we try to take a family picture on my parent's staircase. It's always hit or miss with the kids these days, but somehow we managed to get the most ADORABLE family pic we have ever taken!!! 

And did a silly picture just for kicks. I think the holidays make us all a little nutty anyway :-)

My nephew Owen will turn 2 this summer, and we have yet to get a picture of all 3 cousins smiling together. But luckily, all the kids were in a great mood that night and we scored yet another awesome picture!!!

After pictures, we spent the rest of the night going through our goodies...

Hanging out...

And doing some cuddling :-)

And then when the kids can't keep their eyes open any longer, we head home to wait for Santa.

This year, Santa drove a Ford pick-up and dropped off Addie's dollhouse after everyone was sound asleep :-)

And then shortly after, the rest of the gifts were put out. This is always such a magical sight :-)

That night I couldn't sleep. I was up SUPER late playing in Addie's dollhouse getting everything just right. And then when I finally went to bed, I freaked out thinking about Addie getting up before me and running out to the family room. We did NOT want to miss the look on their faces when they saw what Santa brought them. So I did the most logical thing I could think of...I slept in Addie's bed with her.

I tossed and turned all night and then when I saw that it was FINALLY 7:00...I couldn't take it anymore. I had Eric go wait with the video camera and I woke the kids up. They both couldn't jump out of their beds fast enough. They were so fast, actually, that I barely got a picture of them running into the room!

When Addie saw her dollhouse for the first time I almost cried. The pure EXCITEMENT in her voice when she ran to the living room was so adorable.

And in true Addie fashion, she was just as excited for her own gift as she was for Blake's. She just kept saying, "Santa brought your Jeep, Blakey!!! Yay!!!!"

These two couldn't have cared less about the little gifts under the tree. All Addie wanted to do was play in her dollhouse (which I will show detailed pictures of in another post)...

And all Blake wanted to do was ride his Jeep outside...

We were able to finally convince them to open their stuff under the tree...

But as soon as it was over, Addie was back in her dollhouse and Blake was back on his jeep :-)

We spent the next hour playing and having fun until it was time to head to Mima and Papa Steve's!!!

Addie and Blake could hardly wait to tell Nia and Nolan ALL about what Santa brought them. The girls came running into the house screaming and jumping up and down. 

Sadly, I left my SD card out of my camera so I am just waiting to get pics of this morning from my father-in-law...but I can tell you that we had a wonderful time!!! We were totally spoiled and my mother-in-law made us the most delicious breakfast. This is another tradition I have come to love and really look forward to :-)

But that was not the end of our Christmas Fun train!! After an afternoon of playing with our toys, we headed to Eric's Aunt's house for dinner!!!!

We had the best meal and then after we were done eating, a VERY special visitor came to see us!!! 

The kids knew Santa was coming to the house and they were running laps through the living room waiting for him to arrive. When he finally got there, they just stood in the doorway jumping up and down.

Uncle Joe...I mean Santa...looks forward to this night as much as the kids do. He totally dresses the part and does such a great job with the kids. They sit around and wait for their name to be called and then after they get their gift, they can go up and give Santa a hug. This picture right here melts my heart :-)

Blake is still a bit reluctant of Santa love...

But not Audrey...

Or Nolan...

Or even Birthday Boy Cole!!

And speaking of the birthday boy...he even managed to sneak into the girl's picture last night. 

But was somehow missing from the kiddie picture. Ha!!

After Santa's visit, we all sang Cole "Happy Birthday" and let him blow out the candles. And since Blake's birthday is just a few days away too, we sang to him as well. 

It was another wonderful Christmas with my in-laws and I was reminded, once again, just how blessed I am to be a part of such an amazing family. Eric's sister and cousins are some of my best friends...and it's so much fun watching all of our kids play and grow up together.

I can say, without a doubt, that this was our best Christmas yet. Being together with all of our family and sharing these memories with them is such a blessing. The pictures and videos we took are priceless and I can't wait to look back on them for years to come.

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas with your families too :-)


  1. You captured some spectacular pictures, Jen! They are all SO great! Among my favorites are the one with Addie and Blake in his new jeep and the picture of Addie and Santa. :-) And the silly one of y'all with your family is absolutely CLASSIC!

    I'm so sad Christmas is over! It's been such an amazing one and I just want to press rewind and do it all over again. Sigh. Next year just can't come soon enough!

    Love ya, Jen. :)

  2. P.S. Your little story about sleeping with Addie... SO PRECIOUS. Melt my heart into a bazillion pieces!

  3. I love that you get more excited than the kids! And you woke them up...Jen you crack me up! Glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. Sounds like such an amazing Christmas. :) And everyone looks fantastic! I can't believe how old the kids look :)


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