Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teacher Love

I had many other gifts in mind for Addie's teachers this year. I had pinned a million things on Pinterest, did some late night brainstorming and even considered putting together baskets like the ones I made last year.

But then Friday happened, and I suddenly felt like Godiva chocolates were not enough to show these teachers just how much I appreciate them and all that they do for my child. These teachers aren't just teaching Addie how to write her name or count to 100. They are teaching her how to be compassionate, how to share and how to listen. They are encouraging her to be creative, use her imagination and try her best. And most importantly, they are teaching her about Jesus and how to honor him. These teachers are helping me raise my daughter (and soon my son) and I just want them to know that all their work does not go unnoticed.

So, one of the gifts that I am giving Addie's teachers this year is a little Subway Art sign that thanks them for all the things they are teaching her this year. These are things I cannot teach her alone and they are things that ALL of us need to remember sometimes :-)

Of course, I can't make something like this without sharing it with all of you. So, if you are looking for a little something extra to give to the teachers in your life this year, please feel free to download a copy of this art. There is a religious version and a non-religious version.

 And if you feel like being a little more creative, you can add your own mat or border like I did and then tie it up with some ribbon and a tag :)

I am very excited to give these to Addie's teachers tomorrow and help with their CLASS PARTY!!! Poor Addie had to miss her Christmas party last year due to the sickies so we are both SUPER excited to be there this year. Praying for continued health the next two weeks. So much fun ahead :-)


  1. I love this idea,so simple yet super creative & special x

  2. Jen, this is exactly what I needed for our teachers! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!

  3. Very cool! Thanks SOO much for appreciating teachers! It really means SO SO much!

  4. I love these Jen! You are so exponentially talented - I swear......Neverending. :) You're always up to something! I'm sure her teachers LOVED them!

  5. Adorable! :) You are so crafty, lady! ;) xo


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