Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tid-Bits

Please forgive me today friends...my brain is only working in bullet points :-) This cold/flu has royally kicked my ass, but I wanted to post tonight while I am still on a high from giving my student's their final exam tonight :-) So here's what's been going on around here...

*Last week, Eric and I dismantled the last crib in our house to make room for Blake's big boy bed!! It was a bittersweet moment for me...saying goodbye to the last baby item still assembled in our house. I can't believe we no longer have cribs. Or high chairs. Or DIAPERS!!!! And there is nothing bittersweet about that last one :-) So here is a look at Blake's new digs...

*On Sunday, we got to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's side of the family and it was so much fun...for all of us!!

Of course Santa paid all the kids a visit (Blake was sleeping at the time) so Addie made sure to let him know how badly she wants a dollhouse this year :-)

And because no family Christmas party is complete without tradition...here are some of my cousins and I taking a pic with Santa too :-)


It's not every year that our whole family can make it to the Mueller Christmas party, so we really wanted to take advantage of the moment and get a family pic of all of us :-)

The kids all had a blast this year running around and playing with each other. Even Owen was a little social butterfly. Isn't is outfit adorable? He looks just like his Daddy in this pic :-)

* Eric and I were really looking forward to having Monday off together, but sadly we both came down with this nasty virus so we spent most of the day running back and forth to the doctor and hanging on the couch. We are going through our usual pre-holiday sickie marathon. First the kids...then us. We are just PRAYING that this is it for a while and we can all be healthy for Christmas this year!!

*Regardless of the sickies, I still had to go to campus tonight to give my students their final. Thankfully,  I was feeling much better when I got to campus but just to be on the safe side, I used almost half a bottle of hand sanitizer tonight. Haha!

*Speaking of my students....let me just explain, one more time, how freaking awesome my class is. In all the years that I have been a college English teacher, I have NEVER received so many Christmas gifts. Starbucks gift cards, candy, coffee mugs...they know the way to my heart. But the one gift that really made me smile tonight was a Vegan pizza. Seriously...I already miss this class SO MUCH!!!

*I hate to say this guys, but I am afraid tomorrow may be another blogging "sick day". My grading marathon begins tonight and probably won't end until late tomorrow night/Thursday morning. BOO!! Bring on the coffee!!

* Thursday, I am finally having my little surgery to remove that spot on my back so please pray that they get it all and that I won't have to go back a second time!!

* And finally, if you haven't already noticed, the winner for my Something About Silver giveaway is posted on the widget. Congrats SARA L.!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Well that's all I have for tonight friends! Time for me to get to work :-)


  1. Bleh. Hope you're feeling better. Our whole family has been hit by this cold/flu thing. My little guy has had it almost a week. MISERABLE.

    Blake's room is adorable!! I love it. I love love love little boy things.

    Also hope your surgery goes well! I meant to leave a comment that I was very inspired by your post about it. I can't remember if I ever did it or not! It really made me think of something that I've been avoiding. Thanks!

  2. Good luck today! Blakes new big boy room is adorable!!! :) XO


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