Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hard at Work: Storytime, Clutches, Planners & School

Happy Tuesday friends!! Sorry for the lack of post today, but it's been a CA-RAZY day!! Crazy in the best possible way because I have been super productive. Not only did I manage to get a delicious pot roast in the oven for dinner, I also played dollhouse and cars, took the kids to their library story time (which they L.O.V.E.)

I also got a BRAND NEW ITEM listed in our main shop!! Ladies and Gentleman (who carry purses), please meet our new

I have a big confession to make. When the whole Chevron craze first started, I kinda hated it. I have ALWAYS been a polka dot girl (and still am...polka dots will always win over chevron in my book).

BUT...chevron has really grown on me over the last year and we get SO MANY requests for it in our shop. So when my mom started designing our new clutch, we thought it was the perfect pattern to choose!! We will end up making this clutch in other prints and colors down the line, but this is where we are starting. What do you think?

I don't know about you, but I like to carry a lot of crap in my purse. Typically, I carry a tote as my purse so when I have to pare down for a night out, shopping with friends, etc., I have a REALLY hard time shoving all my stuff into a clutch. But not this one!!! There is SO much more room than you realize.

I am able to get my full wallet, business card case, phone, lipgloss and a few other essentials.

In fact, if I still carried a diaper bag, I would start using this to throw in it!! It is really the perfect size for any occasion. I am totally obsessed with it and I am tempted to have my mom make me one in every single color we have :-)


Now...my mom isn't the only one that has been hard at work this week. I have decided to take on a little project of my own. It started as a personal project because I have YET to find the perfect planner after 15 years of trying. So I set out to make my own planner pages and honestly...they are really turning out cute!! I think a lot of other planner junkies like myself will enjoy them so once my whole set is complete, I will be adding them to ThePolkaDotPosiePrintables shop!!

But while I continue to work on these pages, I would like a little input! What are some of your favorite features that you would like to see in a planner? For example, meal planning is a must for me. I also like weekly pages instead of daily. What about all of you? What worksheets or elements would you like to see? If I am going to sell these babies, I want them to appeal to as many planner junkies as possible so share away!!

So like I said...we've been busy around here and the fun doesn't stop yet because I have to teach my first class of the semester tonight. AHHH!!!! Here's hoping I have another great class :-)


  1. LOVE the clutch! Must. Order. Soon!

  2. oh boy... I might have to get one of those bad boys! I'm so sick of carrying a huge purse full of CRAP around! I just need something for the essentials and this is adorable! :)

  3. hhmmm...you could just take a nice bunch of Yellow clutches bags. I love them.

  4. You know how I feel about Chevron :-) I already requested a clutch for my birthday, so I'm sure my mom will be ordering soon! I LOVE the idea of a meal planning section in a planner (maybe with a spot to record your grocery list, as well?) I also like to have a monthly view, it addition to the weekly. Being that I am a list girl, a spot for everyday "To Do" lists would be great. I still haven't found the planner that I love, and I have looked EVERYWHERE!

  5. I absolutely love this clutch! Mind if I add it to a blog post about some things I'm loving right now?? Link back to your blog and the shop, of course! ;)
    And I'm SO excited to hear that you listened to all of us on Instagram and decided to add the planner to your printable shop! :) WOOOO HOOOO!

  6. I love this clutch! I'm going to send KT your way for Valentine's Day!

    Ok, I'm a planner junkie. My favorite (after using multiple calendars) is Erin Condren. I just love the fact that at the beginning of each week (and month), I have a place to write down my to-dos and goals. The meal planning section is awesome and I wish I had that. I'd also like an exercise/workout section, too, if I can be picky! :)

  7. I love that clutch so much!! When do you think you will have the camera strap listed on your Etsy shop?

    OK as for the planner.....
    1. I like to have a full month view, on 2 pages with enough space in the boxes to be able to write.
    2. Following the full month calendar are the days of the week in week by week view - I actually like the house of the day written on the days, but I know I'm probably alone in that.
    3. A meal planner feature would be AMAZING!
    4. And then a notes section!

    Thats all I can think of for now! :-)

  8. I love the clutch! What a great addition to a spring/summer wardrobe!
    Im a planner, I think a groceries section would be helpful. I always have a list but its not with me when I decide last minute to go shopping if I'm already out of the house. Also, I'm a projects person with too many projects going at a time some maybe a weekly or daily project goal section? It could translate to lots of type of projects, not just crafting.
    I love your blog! I'm so excited I found it!


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