Friday, January 25, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Confessions

Where the hell did this week go?!!!! It's already time for...

It's weeks like these that I feel embarrassed that I am hosting a health and fitness link-up. Ha! Although I did exercise this week and cooked at home again, I was FAR from the vision of health and fitness that a host should be. So I suppose this is the point where I thank all of you loyal linker-upers for coming back each week, even though I clearly don't practice what I preach all the time. So thank you guys SO MUCH for sticking around :-) order to move on from this crappy week of health, I would like to make a few confessions. I am not proud of ANY of these, but I know I will feel better once I type them out and get them off my chest. This is why I sucked this week:

* On Saturday, after a FABULOUS run, I came home and drank a glass of chocolate milk (which is actually a fantastic recovery drink) but the taste of chocolate left me craving more. So I ate one TWO Little Debbie chocolate Valentine's hearts and cancelled out every calorie I burned on the run. Son of a...

* On Sunday, I put on some workout clothes so that I would be motivated and ready to exercise. Unfortunately, the motivation didn't kick in until Monday.

* I ate half a plate of brownies on Tuesday. My neighbor made them special for us and I just didn't want them to go to waste. I had such intense food guilt all night...but clearly not enough guilt to keep me from doing it again on Wednesday.

* This week I posted on our LGN board that I did an ab workout because I planned on doing an ab workout that night. Suddenly I was in bed, ready to fall asleep when I realized I never did the ab workout! I felt SO GUILTY that I actually hopped out of bed and did it in the dark on our bedroom floor.

Ahhhhh....I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!! It feels good to get all the cheating off my chest. But now that it's all out in the open, I do want to focus on some of the positives this week. 

Let's start with Fitness.

With the Shamrock Shuffle a little over 2 months away, I really need to start logging more miles. I did manage one good run outside and another day of sprints. Here's what my week looked like...

Saturday: 5K run (kept a 9:37 pace. Much better)
Sunday: Rest my workout clothes
Monday: Abs in the dark :-)
Tuesday: Jillian Michael's Kickbox in my peace tee.

Wednesday: 1.5 miles of sprint intervals
Friday: Yoga

So has anyone heard of the Nike Training Club? It's a free app that my friend Jenny has been using and I am such a sucker for any workout that tracks progress. I think I am going to give it a try this week...but I was just curious if anyone else is using it and likes it!

Next up...Health

Dude...I shouldn't even be posting in this category with all the sweets I've had, but I am SUPER proud of us for finishing our THIRD WEEK of eating at home!! We've had a total of 3 dinners out all month, and one of those was this week on the day that Howie had surgery. It was a totally emotional day, I was beat and Eric had been wanting to try this new BBQ take-out place so it was perfect and we didn't feel guilty because we have been so good this month. Here was our menu:

Monday: BBQ take-out
Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup 
Wednesday: Lasagna and Garlic Bread
Thursday: Leftovers
Saturday: Birthday/Going Away Party

My mouth is already watering thinking about Pioneer Woman's pasta this Sunday. YUM!! Now to just control these damn portions!!

And on one final health note, I just finished my last multi-vitamin and was going to buy a new bottle this week. I can't say I have felt any difference on these Women's once-a-days, and I was really hoping to get back some more energy. Before I buy my next bottle...I was just wondering what all of you use? Any supplements that have made a difference for you? I am always low on iron so something with that would help a lot too. I am just so clueless in this department (which I suppose is another confession. Ha!)


  1. I made that chicken parm last night. It was soo yummy. John got stuck on a work call and it looked so good I was finished eating before he even made it to the table. I'm so rude. Oh well. As far as vitamins go. I am so bad about taking them. However, with the DASH diet you don't need them. As long as you follow all the guidelines you are getting enough vitamins and minerals through the foods you eat. So I guess it really depends on what you eat. The only things I swear by, which I've already said, is bee pollen. I have not been taking it the last couple of weeks and I can tell a huge difference.

  2. It's been awhile but I'm glad to be back to link up! Portion control is a huge issue for me too. Why does food have to be so delicious?? Good job on eating at home! For some reason I couldn't get your button to work - I copied the HTML in my post ok, but when I tested it, the link didn't work. Just letting you know. Maybe I'm the problem though - I'm not very techy! Anyway, I just put a text link back to you at the end of my post. Happy Friday!

  3. I use USANA mulitvitamins, they are pharmacuetical grade. When I switched 2 months ago I noticed more energy during the day and my skin improved. Make sure to read ingredients on multivitamins, some of the coatings and binding agents contain Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 which contain petroleum.

  4. I am obsessed with my Multi....its actually a prenatal so high in iron. I buy them in a pack with omega3 and calcium and its around $30 a month. Theyre all natural and high in absorbtion. Theyre from a company called Melalecha and you can only order them online....or through me! haha ^^^^Katie suggested USANA another amazing all natural wellness company!

    You may want to check out as well. their Xango juice has truly changed my life! Let me know if you want any more info ;))

  5. Great! Now you have me craving Valentine hearts and brownies! :)

  6. I love this idea and Im totally in. Im you newest follower an dIm loving your blog and this link up cant wait to link up next Friday girl

  7. A couple months ago I switched from my usual GNC Multi Vit packs and started taking the Centrum Flavor Burst chews. I don't know why I find it easier to take but I just really don't like swallowing pills. Therefore, these little round balls that look like candy are perfect and they don't have a bad taste. I keep one in my desk and one in my bathroom so I make sure I take them daily.

  8. At least I'm not the only one who eats more than a couple of brownies at once. Food guilt is the worst....


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