Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Olympic Figure Skaters and Howie Lives to Play Another Day

Technically...this post should be called "Our Weekend and Monday in a Nutshell" since I'm coming in so late tonight, but oh well. You get the idea :-)

Thankfully, this was a pretty laid back weekend for us again. On Saturday, Addie had her Ice-skating class and it was Bring-A-Friend day so she brought her 2nd cousin Gracie. These two are so sweet together I can hardly stand it :-)

They love goofing off and laughing :-)

Nia and Nolan are both in ice skating too so Nolan asked Blake to be his friend for class. I asked Blake several times if he wanted to skate and he kept shouting, "YES! Nolan is my buddy!!". But when it came time to put on the skates...

He was like "Um...hell no Dad. Get these things off me."

So no skating for Blakey Boy this weekend. Big shocker. 

But these three chicks had a BLAST together!!! Our three little Olympic figure skaters...can't you just see it now? 

Grace did SO WELL for her first time on skates. She was even offering to help some of the other kids on the ice. What a sweetie.

After class the girls posed for a few pictures...

And then watched the zamboni.

That night, Gracie invited Addie for a sleepover, which you all know is Addie's most favorite thing in the whole world. I swear that girl would have a sleepover every night if she could!!

The next morning, my cousin Kris asked Addie and I to go to church with her and Grace and since I am still in the process of church shopping for our family (as part of my New Years resolution), I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how Addie likes Sunday school.

Obviously, the girls had a great time in class and I have to admit...getting to sit through a church service and actually listen to a great sermon was just what I needed. I have had SO MUCH on my mind was nice to have a moment to reflect on all that, talk to God, and listen to some amazing words of encouragement. It was a fabulous morning and it really makes me excited to finally start making this our Sunday routine. Thanks so much for the invite Kris and Gracie!!

Even though I felt a little more at peace after church Sunday, I couldn't help but worry about my little Howie. He was having his surgery today and like any worrisome mother...I was up ALL NIGHT tossing and turning. But I am happy to report that Howie's surgery went fantastic today. Thank you all so much for keeping the little guy in your thoughts and prayers.

We've already had some food and water, a successful potty break outside and now he is resting cozy in his bed. And because I didn't sleep a wink last night...I should probably get cozy in my bed too :-)

Thanks again for all your sweet comments friends!!! I am happy today is over. Lots of fun ahead this week!!

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  1. Your post brought me back to my ice skating days! I miss it so much. Glad the surgery went well. Happy Tuesday, friend!


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