Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Blues

Is anyone else having a MAJOR case of the winter blues this month? I have always loved living in the midwest and I would never want to live in a place that doesn't get to experience all 4 seasons. Believe it or not, I do love winter...but only for the months of December and January IF WE HAVE SNOW TO PLAY IN!!

But we don't.

We haven't had good snowman-making-snow for almost two years. I also have 4 saucer sleds in my basement that still have the price stickers on them from TWO christmases ago. I also have brand new snow boots for the kids with tags still on them in closet. I mean really Old Man Winter...what gives?

I know many of you would gladly give us the snow you have right now and I am sure that just by typing these words, Chicago will get hit with a blizzard this week. But I would take an awesome blizzard over the freezing cold and ice we have right now. Did I mention that I slipped in the parking lot at Addie's dance studio yesterday? I did a full on superman (with several witnesses) and when I finally regained my balance I shouted:

THAT'S IT! I'm ready for Spring!

I am still feeling that way today, so I decided to spend the better part of my morning searching for Great Lakes Beach Campgrounds. Camping season is still a few months away and we are all really, REALLY missing our home away from home.

I could spend the next 20 minutes listing off ALL the things I miss about Spring, but instead...I want to try and be positive and talk about the things I do love about winter. So here goes:

* Relaxing and playing games by our cozy fireplace.

* Playing in the snow (when we actually have some).

* Celebrating the winter holidays like Christmas and VALENTINE'S DAY!! I just got Addie this little dress from Old Navy (when they had their amazing 40% off coupon) for her Valentine's Day party and it is even cuter in person!

* Organizing the shit out of my house. It really is the one and only thing I love about January. Here is my latest Organizational book purchase :-)

Houseworks: Cut the Clutter, Speed Your Cleaning, and Calm the Chaos

* Cooking and baking. I mean...there is nothing else to do!! And when you are friends with the author of fabulous cookbooks like this...

MMM... Marshmallows

You can't help but try out some new treats!! I have all the ingredients for some of Carol's best recipes and Addie and I will be doing some mad marshmallow making this weekend :-)

And finally...the thing I love MOST about winter is a FRESH START! New goals, new plans, new projects, new adventures :-)

So...what do all of you love about winter?? Anyone..............anyone.............Bueller?


  1. I have to say that I HATE winter. I guess it's from growing up in the south. Christmas is more magical when it's cold and especially if its snowing but then I am just done! Bring on the heat! ;)
    I LOVE that little valentines dress! Haven't been to old navy in forever. I guess I need to check it out!

  2. I'm totally not ready for spring. We have only had snow a bit and I would love a ton more! I love the coziness of winter....sweaters and scarves! But, it doesn't get quite as severe here and instead of being sick of the ice, people here get sick of the gray sky. But, I am happy to report that we should be having BLUE skies in the afternoons after the fog lifts from the water for over a week! Whoo hoo!

  3. I am currently on bed rest and feel like I have been hibernating since Halloween. Here in Michigan we had one storm that brought about six inches and the last weekend it was 60 and that all melted. Our 2 kids birthdays are coming up as is their joint birthday/sledding party and we have no snow and no forecast for snow. I guess I am glad to be stuck inside in the cold months vs the warm months. Saturday with that spring-like weather was brutal but when my husband took them out to play in the 14 degree weather and snow I happily took pictures out the front window:)

  4. I'm definitely feeling the blues...the sunshine just doesn't want to show it's face!!!

    However, the snow is falling and is intended to do so for another day and a half so I'm dreaming of snow covered sidewalks! For some reason the bundling up and arctic temperatures seem worth it when the snow flakes are falling :)

  5. SNOW!!!!! Need I say more!


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