Monday, February 25, 2013

Doing it All

One of the things I have been struggling with lately is my desire to "Do it All."

The Internet has definitely contributed to this desire because the competition between women is fierce these days. If we aren't sewing a one-of-a-kind Sophia the First costume with eco-friendly organic cotton, then we are in the kitchen making homemade granola and gluten-free brownies.

And if sewing and cooking aren't our things, odds are we are sacrificing precious hours of sleep doing some DIY project in our garage or rubber stamping and embossing the shit out of some homemade "Thank You" cards.

And if all that isn't enough...we are spending HOURS on Pinterest and watching countless YouTube videos on "How to Pretzel Tie a Scarf" and give ourselves those glamorous beach waves.

So now...thanks to the Internet...not only do we need to know how to make "clean" tacos and turn an old picture frame into a chalkboard, but we have to do it wearing colored skinny jeans and a perfectly mastered sock bun.

And I am just as guilty as anyone else for trying to be all these things. I am CERTAIN that there have been countless times when someone has read my blog and said, "That bitch. Where the hell does she find time to make all those stupid printables?"

And the truth is, I most likely gave up sleep that night to make them. I always regret doing that, especially when I am walking around like a zombie the next day. But the thing is...when I share my crafts online, I almost always get a frantic email from some Mom saying, "JEN!!! You saved me today with this printable. Thank You!" And then of course I am compelled to stay up the next night preparing for the next holiday.

I like helping people. I like sharing crafts and ideas and getting excited about them. I like making checklists for all the other wanna-be-organized junkies out there like me. I like talking about running and fitness and getting others motivated. I like making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. I like talking about my kiddies and sharing lots of pictures and funny stories. I LOVE the Internet for so many reasons...

But I also despise it, especially when I find myself begging two crying children to give me 5 more minutes to finish posting some Pinterest-worthy picture of the soup I made for dinner the night before.


Is the picture of my soup worth the 30 minutes I could have spent playing in the snow with my kids?

Hell no.

Does anyone care if I didn't get around to beach waving my hair or putting on a perfectly styled outfit today?

Double Hell no.

Does anyone care that I BOUGHT the cookies I contributed to Addie's class party this week?

Triple Hell no.

But some days I care and that makes me sad. I don't want to care about that stuff. I really, really don't. I want to be able to let things go and not care about doing it all or being it all. All that stuff doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. 

But do you know what does matter?

These two.

And you know what's more important than taking a picture of my soup? 

Playing Transformers.

And you know what's more important than planning my outfit and styling my hair?

Helping this girl plan her outfit and style her hair.

These years are going by WAY too fast!! My baby girl turns FIVE next week and before I know it, this little guy will be driving a real car (God help me).

There is going to come a day when these two will be way too busy and way too cool to spend a day with Mom and Dad at Cabellas looking at stuffed animals.

These moments are priceless and I want to make the most of them.

I just need to remember that anytime I feel overwhelmed by the pressure of Mommyhood these days, I just need to turn to these two peanuts for guidance. They will show me in one silly laugh or one precious hug that I am the best Mommy in the world. And in the end...their opinions are the only ones that matter :-)


  1. Amen! That's what it's ALL about. Period. End of story!

  2. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I'm off this week and was reading out my "to-do" list when S yelled, "Stop"! He said, "where is your time for rest and relaxation"? I looked at him like he was a little crazy!! I mean who has time for that? But that's just it, I try to cram in SO much that I'm drained! Between that convo and this post I really need to evaluate my priorities. It's so true though that we have this pressure to "keep up with the Pinterest perfectos", when in fact they're probably feeling like this too!

    Oh and the sock bun is hopeless for this head, it's not happening ha!

  3. Just what I needed to hear! I'm struggling with blog I doing it for me or am I trying to "keep up with the Joneses"? You basically took the words out of my mouth, and you say it with such humor!! Thanks for this! :)

    1. I hear ya girlfriend!!! The answer should always be that we are doing it for ourselves, but some days I just don't feel like that's true. But I'm trying to change that and only post when I have something I'm excited to share. You are such a great friend Brooke...I'm happy we found each other in blog land :)

  4. This post was so easy to relate to! And, so encouraging for me to read. I have been so down on myself in the Mommyhood department. Being 8 months pregnant doesn't give you much energy and seeing on the internet all the super moms out there can sometimes get overwhelming. Thanks for the pick me up! My kids are healthy and happy and we do tons of fun stuff together. So what if I bought the Valentine's for Camren's class rather than hand making them. The memories are still there and still so precious!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

    1. You are so right Kate!! It's totally overwhelming, and you are pregnant on top of it!!! I think you ARE super mom...regardless of where Camren's Valentine's came from :-) Thanks for the sweet comment and for sharing your feelings too. It's nice to know that others feel the same way.

  5. So much pressure these days! I always have to remind myself like you said that no one cares. Really they don't. And our kids are more important than anything in this world. My baby will be 5 in July. That is so hard for me to swallow.

  6. I agree 100%! As a mom with a 20 year old and a 25 year old the time really does FLY - but man do I LOVE your printables!!! So, thank you! Now go play with your kids!
    PS- I've never commented on a blog before, but I love reading yours everyday!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment!!! And don't worry...I am a printable junkie and I could never stop making those...they are too much fun :-) But the time does fly and I don't want to miss any of these important moments doing things that just aren't as important.

  7. Great, great post! I have also been guilty of allowing the internet to define me as a person. It is ridiculous! Yes, please enjoy your time with those precious babies! Time DOES go by way too fast. My precious baby girl will be 14 next month, and I still have no idea how that happened. Just last week we were taking preschool graduation pics it seems. A great reminder for family FIRST, health second, and blogging as a hobby. :)

  8. So funny because I remember posting a status around Valentines Day how I was happy Cady didnt have snack on Valentines Day because I didn't have time to deal with the pressure of making a Pinterest Perfect Snack!

  9. This is my favorite post you have EVER written!!! I loved it so much, I linked it on my blog today telling everyone to read it ;) And you know I'm on the same page as you- as always.

  10. I started off reading this post doubled over in laughter and ended wiping tears off of my cheeks!! I cant agree more!! As I sit here, shoving squeenkies in my childs face so I can work on my latest blog post, I feel like a total wanker because she looks at me like I am ruining her life......I just wish I knew why it became so important to "keep up with the Jones'" ( and I am sooooo guilty of it!!)
    I wish instead of people posting about the latest teal nail color they would post about real the fact that legs DONT really get shaved everyday and lets be honest, Red Robin sounds so much better then those gourmet stuffed burgers being pinned! I am totally ok with spending every day and every night curled up in bed with Phil and Geovana, with dirty un-bunned hair, and chipped red polish that was " so last season" thanks for being right there with me Jen! xo

    1. You should not feel like a wanker, Elaine!! I mean...I have no intention of giving up blogging, and haven't for almost 5 years. Ha! But I think Lovie (above) explained it best. Family FIRST, health second, blogging as a hobby. And if we are going to blog, I want the content to be meaningful or helpful or just plain entertaining. I don't want it to be fake or forced. Know what I mean? Thanks for this comment honey and for sharing in my frustration. So glad we have connected again and can share all this with each other :-)

  11. I LOVE this post Jen. Seriously love. Could not relate more.


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