Friday, February 1, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Sore Muscles & Betting on a Diet

It's Friday...Again! 

Depending on where you were in the country this week, you might have experienced something similar to the CRAZY weather Chicago had. Partly sunny and 60 degrees one day, snow and -10 degrees another day. We also mixed in a pretty nasty thunderstorm AND an ice storm.

But the silver lining to this week was one glorious 65-degree morning. All we had to do was get through library storytime and a lunch date before the rain. I had even convinced myself to run in the rain as long as it wasn't a crazy downpour. I was that desperate to get out there.

But the minute I started to lace up my running shoes, the clouds started rolling in. I checked the radar like I always do, and there it was. A big red blob of a thunderstorm that was going to keep me from my run. But I was already dressed so I decided to head to the basement and hop on the old treadmill. Surprisingly, I got a pretty good workout in and ended up doing 3 miles of sprint intervals.

And it's a good thing I got that workout in on Tuesday because sadly was the ONLY workout I got in all week. AHHHHHH!! FITNESS FAIL!

But in addition to the weather sucking this week (and our insanely busy schedule), I also kinda hurt myself on one of last week's workouts. I don't know if it was the Level 2 yoga I did or the new Kickbox DVD I tried but somewhere in the middle of last week I did a doozy on my body.

Friday, my legs were so sore I could hardly stand up from a sitting position. I did a bunch of stretches and took Friday and Saturday off from working out. But then on Sunday, all of my stomach muscles started getting sore. Maybe it was from going in and out of bouncy houses all weekend or maybe they were sore all along and I just didn't realize...but Monday my stomach was sore to the touch. Every time I laughed, coughed or contracted my muscles in any way, I could feel the soreness.

Like any normal hypochondriac, I turned to the internet for answers and found all kinds of awful things I could have. But before rushing to the ER, I decided to drink a crap load of water and some more light stretching. By Tuesday morning, I was feeling good as new and had no soreness after my little treadmill workout.

I realize now that it was probably serious dehydration that caused those sore muscles, in addition to maybe overdoing it a bit on those workouts. I'm bummed that I missed so many workouts this week because of it, but I consider it a lesson learned. Stretch and DRINK MORE WATER!!! So has this ever happened to any of you?

Next up...let's talk about HEALTH.

I was much better in the eating department this week, besides consuming some extra sweets (and cocktails) at various parties over the weekend. But when I wasn't indulging there, I was trying to eat lots of fruit and veggies. The kids have been doing better with fruits and veggies again too which makes me happy. Blake can't seem to get enough of grapes, blueberries and carrot sticks lately! I call that a HEALTH WIN this week :-)

Here was our menu:

Monday: BBQ Chicken breasts and green beans
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Spaghetti and garlic bread
Friday: Homemade Pizzas!!!
Saturday: Homemade hamburgers and Light Crockpot Mac-n-Cheese
Sunday: Super Bowl cuisine

You see that menu item Sunday? That is going to be SO TOUGH for me because you know Super Bowl food is never healthy and that's the day my Diet Bet starts!!!

In case you all missed my post from earlier this week, I've decided to join a little weightloss challenge called DietBet. I've been saying since Christmas that I want to lose these last 5 holiday pounds and I keep putting it off because it's no big deal. But my pants are getting tight, swimsuits are out in stores and it's time to suck it up and get rid of these extra pounds before I start adding to the total instead of taking it away.

So I bet some money that I could lose 4% of my weight (which is just about 5 pounds) in 4 weeks. Right now, there are 37 people in this group all betting that they can do the same thing. If we all reach our goal, we get our money back. Easy peasy. BUT...if anyone in the group does not make their goal, their bet is split between the other players. Pretty fun huh? I always love a good bet and since there is really nothing to lose here...except 5 pounds...I'm all about it!! And if you are a gambler that wants to lose some weight this month, just click here to join the group!! The more the merrier :-)

Well that's all I have for today guys! I hope you have an awesome weekend! Stay warm!


  1. Oh ouch!! I've never had muscles that sore, but that would be killer!! You are doing a great job!! Are you rooting for anyone? I'm a Niner fan

  2. I can't wait to ruin my diet on Sunday!! :)

  3. the dietbet challenge looked too good to pass up! so I joined :) oh man I hope I make it!!!


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