Friday, February 15, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Will Run for Cupcakes

It's that time again friends!'s sugar detox around the Davis household today and let me tell you is not pretty. The kids and I are both feeling the effects of overindulging yesterday. I couldn't even bring myself to get on the scale this morning because I know it hasn't least not in the direction I want it to. Ha!

But with only 17 days left on my DietBet, I better kick it into SERIOUS gear if I want to lose those last  3.6 lbs. So here's the plan for HEALTH.

This week, aside from Valentine's Day of course, I did pretty well in the eating department. I was under my calorie goal almost every day and I drank a LOT more water than I usually do. The only unhealthy thing I let happen ALL WEEK was not getting enough sleep. I know I like to blame my kids and their inability to sleep through the night most nights, but really the fault is mine. I stay up WAY too late every night. I really have to work on this.

One of the things I have been staying up way too late doing is meal planning. Clipping coupons, pinning new recipes and searching sale adds can eat up a whole night. But I have really enjoyed cooking more at home and it is almost becoming routine for me now. So here is next week's menu (that kept me up too late last night :-)

Sunday: Potroast with garlic mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes.
Monday: Chicken and mushrooms with green beans
Tuesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Spaghetti night
Friday: Homemade Pizza Night (our new tradition)
Saturday: Birthday Party

Next up...let's chat about FITNESS.

I decided this week to really give Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 a fair chance. I have only ever tried it here and there, but I really want to see if this DVD can change my body a bit. After one week, I can honestly say I feel some difference in my arms! I feel a bit stronger in my planks and push-ups, which are always my weakest moves. I have spaghetti arms :-) So I really want to continue on and see how I feel after the full 4 weeks. Of course, I plan to keep running too and hopefully squeeze in some Yoga. I  guess the biggest goal of all is just to be working out 5-6 days a week...NO EXCUSES!

So here is how I did this week:

SATURDAY: Went for a great run outside. In the snow.

SUNDAY: Half of Ripped in 30 and then some abs.

MONDAY: Rest Day {although I did move furniture in my house}

TUESDAY: Ripped in 30

WEDNESDAY: Ripped in 30

THURSDAY: Ripped in 30....and ate a cupcake :-)

FRIDAY: Today is a run day baby!!! 

It dawned on me today that the Shamrock Shuffle 8K is only 5 WEEKS AWAY and I haven't run more than 3.5 miles yet this season. This week's goal is to get in a 4 or 5 miler and start working on some distance again. I just can't do much more than 3 on my treadmill so I am PRAYING for some running weather! I'd even take 40 that too much to ask?

So was your week? 


  1. Great job! Keep me updated on your Ripped in 30 progress. I've been wondering if its worth buying. I have been doing her 30 Day Shred and really like it right now but its not as challenging when I'm actually in shape. LOL

  2. I too run for cupcakes or cream eggs. Yummy! ha. Thanks for the lovely comment you left me. I've had the urge to go running all day but I had my class. Love that feeling. Not sure if i'm gonna be running any half marathons this year. Maybe next year?!

  3. Yup! Most certainly run so I can indulge! How are those cauliflower as potato substitute? Will my meat and potatoes Mr. love them?

  4. You are too cute! I love the "ripped in 30 and I ate a cupcake". You are gonna do awesome on your run. I have a hard time running more than 3. I'm gonna try intervals. Have you done that on the treadmill. I've done it outside and it really helps the miles go by. Good luck my friend!!

  5. Oh push ups. I hate them. I actually like planks. I need to get motivated to do more abs. I keep saying I will and then I never do. Praying you get some warmer weather! I despise running on the treadmill.


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