Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Cinderella's Ball, Iceskating Graduation & Our 4th Birthday of the Week!

I can still remember the very first dance my dad ever took me to. It was a Valentine's Day father/daughter dance and I wore a red satin dress that my mom made me. My dad gave me a rose, we drank some punch with sherbet and I danced on his feet all night. It was the perfect first date.

So when I saw that our park district was putting on a little daddy/daughter dance this year, I texted Eric right away to see if he could take Addie. I have never seen this man use an exclamation point, let alone 20, but he couldn't say YES!!!!!!!!!!! fast enough. And he had very strict orders that HE wanted to ask Addie to the ball himself.

I wanted to take pictures and videos of this moment, but of course he wouldn't let me. But I did listen outside her bedroom door :-) Eric told her that the Fairy Godmother called him at work that day to see if he would like to attend Cinderella's Ball with a special girl and before he could even finish the sentence she said, "ME! Take me Daddy!!"

So the date was set.

 We made sure to choose the perfect dress (Cinderella, of course) and when the day came, Addie asked for Cinderella hair and blue sparkly nails to match. So I did my mommy duty and got my princess all ready for her ball :-)

Addie was so excited to show Daddy her beautiful dress, but when she found out that Uncle Kevin had asked Nia to the ball too...she was more excited to see Nia. Hahaha!

These girls were PRECIOUS!!!

And their Prince Charmings didn't look half bad either :-)

Of course the fairy Grandmothers came to see their babies off...

But not before the girls got their very first corsages!

When the two little couples left for the ball, I gave Eric specific instructions to take pictures. Well...I think we all know how reliable Prince Eric is when it comes to cameras. Ha! But at least there was a photographer at the ball that got this adorable shot of the two of them (the lighting isn't great because this is a picture of a picture :)

Not gonna lie...I might have had a tear in my eye the whole night. I just know Addie is going to remember this ball with her Daddy forever :-)


Even though it was no Cinderella Ball, I was still very excited to get a date night of my own this weekend! Eric and I went with some friends to a dinner that was hosted by the college where I work. Their culinary school puts on a special dinner every Friday night and the public can come and enjoy some delicious gourmet food. We had the most AMAZING meal and just when I thought the deliciousness was over...they wheeled out a dessert cart. The picture just doesn't do this Devil's Food cake (with Bavarian cream filling) any justice. To. Die. For.

Even though the food was delicious, the company was even better. I got to spend time with my brother Adam and my sis-in-law Diana and our friends Jimmy and Jenny. The only time Jenny and I have been able to chat lately is on our LGN fitness board (ha!) so it was nice to finally be able to sit and catch up.

On Saturday, it was business as usual around the Davis household. While Addie went to iceskating, this little dude and I had some quality time together running errands and playing Spider-Man.

When we got home, we found out that Addie had "graduated" into the next level of iceskating. Woohoo! And to celebrate, Daddy took her to buy her first pair of ice-skates!! 

And you know who else graduated? NIA!! So what do you do when you have something super fun like this to celebrate? Have a sleepover of course!

I'll tell you what...I don't know where these two get the energy. We crafted, we painted, we did our nails, we watched movies and ate popcorn and after a good nights sleep...we were back up bright and early for Uncle Eric's special french toast :-)

The rest of our Sunday was pretty laid back and that was just what we needed. We did put in a special phone call to Uncle Ryan, who celebrated his 31st birthday today!! It's hard to believe the two of us are in our 30s together.

Uncle Ryan's birthday was actually the 4th birthday we've celebrated this week! Aunt Meagan shared her birthday with the groundhog, Auntie Tara and my girl Chelsi also celebrated their birthdays this week and my Daddy-O's birthday on the 26th will be here before we know it! We are having a big group birthday celebrating this coming weekend and I can't wait!!!

So to all my Aquarians...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Okay friends...time for this mama to get some sleep. I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


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  2. Him asking her to the ball gave ME tears in my eyes!!! So sweet! My Dad and I were crowned "King & Queen" at our Daddy - Daughter Dance when I was in 4th grade. What a memory! Love hearing about other little girls and their daddies!! She's a lucky girl!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend was had by all, Addie makes a beautiful princess! The daddy/daughter date is just precious and her dad is already setting the bar high at how she deserves to be romanced. Just precious :)

  4. How fun! And that pic of Nia and Addie the morning after the sleepover is TOTALLY you and Dana! love it! <3

  5. OMG how sweet was that Cinderella's Ball? The whole thing, from him asking her to the picture of Daddy & Daughter together.
    And umm...seriously? Blake looks SO grown up!!

  6. I may have shed a few tears over the pictures of Addie in her Cinderella gown. She looked so much like Cinderella. What an awesome memory for her. She is blessed with such awesome parents.

  7. Gah, Addie is SUCH a gorgeous girl! I love watching her grow up!


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