Thursday, February 7, 2013

The White Fluffy Stuff

Now that Punxsutawney Phil has assured us that it will be an early Spring, I'm suddenly feeling more tolerant of winter.

I also need to give some props to Old Man Winter for finally giving us some snow to play in! I happily ripped tags off snow boots and snow pants this past weekend and I could hardly get them zipped before the kids rushed out the back door. I just LOVE this picture because you can see all their little trails. They literally ran laps around the yard (you might even see a few of Howie's 3-legged tracks).

I think Eric was just as excited for the snow. He loves playing outside with them (which works for me because I can only last about 10 minutes. Ha!).

But these two could have stayed out ALL. DAY. They weren't even bothered by the 30 pounds of winter gear I dressed them in. They were just happy to be playing outside for a change.

The ONLY way were able to convince these two to come inside was with the promise of Hot Chocolate with marshmallow fluff. HOMEMADE marshmallow fluff that is...or what Addie calls "The  white fluffy stuff" :-)

When my friend Carol's book arrived in the mail months ago, the first recipe I wanted to try was her homemade marshmallow fluff. 

Mmm... Marshmallows: 30 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Lighter-than-Air Marshmallow Treats

All you need to make the fluff is a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and fridge. I've been meaning to make this since NOVEMBER...but you know how it goes. Life gets in the way. But I am so happy Addie and I finally tackled our first batch because it was SO EASY and SO DELICIOUS!!!! It turned out just perfect.

Of course, the first thing we made was a  peanutbutter and fluff sandwich for lunch, but we also dipped graham crackers in it for a snack (and I maaaaayyyyy have eaten a few spoonfuls just standing at the counter). 

But our FAVORITE use for fluff this week has been on top of our hot chocolate. One scoop on top melts perfectly to make a frothy, sweet layer. We like to add a few sprinkles for a dash of color too :-)

You guys...this picture does not do this drink justice. SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!! I know a big old homemade vanilla marshmallow square would be just as fabulous in it, but there is something about the marshmallow all melted in there. Yummy Yum Yum.

Now that I have successfully created one of Carol's fabulous recipes, I am anxious to try more treats from her book. That is until her second book Pie Pops comes out next month!!!!

Pie Pops

Carol and I are busy planning a bake day so that she can teach me all about pastries on sticks. The recipe I am most excited to try is her banana cream pie on a stick!! Thank God my DietBet will be over by then.

So guys...if you are hot chocolate/marshmallow lovers in your really need to pick up a copy of Carol's book and make yourself a batch of this deliciousness. You won't regret it :-)

Happy Snow Day everyone!! Stay warm where you are!


  1. We freeze when it's 50 out! I made some homemade marshmallows a few years ago and loved them!

  2. OK girly, we need to chat! No snow!! LOL. We hate snow here in Ohio! I'm thrilled that we are set to have a 40 degree day this weekend!

    PS. SO want to hear more about marshmallows.


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