Thursday, March 7, 2013

Addie Turns 5!!

My baby girl is FIVE years old today!!!

How on earth did this happen???

One minute I am rocking her to sleep in the big yellow chair in her nursery, and the next minute I'm playing Barbies and talking about Kindergarten in her big girl bedroom.

I just want to stop the clock and stay in this moment (and this age) with her forever.

Right now, Addie and I are BEST girlfriends. We love Starbucks (mocha for me, hot chocolate for her), we love shopping, we love dancing, we love baking, we love playing and best of all...we LOVE cuddling :-)

At this age, I am her favorite person in the world and I will be so sad when that's no longer the case.

But while it is...I am going to enjoy every moment I can with her. She is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, smartest, most creative little peanut I know. She will make friends with ANYONE and is always willing to give a hug and a kiss..

She loves to dance and sing and perform and I am pretty happy that my Dad put in a new fireplace mantel for us all those years ago because it has become the perfect STAGE!!! She loves giving us her nightly performance and sometimes if we are lucky...she will do an encore. 

I am so proud of the girl that Addie is becoming and I just can't wait to see that the next year holds for us.

So baby girl... I hope you have an AMAZING birthday today and get everything you ever dreamed of (except a new dog). You are one of a kind and we are all SO LUCKY to have you in our lives.

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY my sweetheart :-)


  1. Seems like only yesterday we were waiting for her to get here! And now 5??? Not possible! She is turning into the most amazng little girl! I could NOT love her anymore than I already do!!! Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl!!!

  2. Aww... Tug at my heartstrings! I wish her the happiest birthday!

  3. 5 is such a fun age. You have so much to look forward to with her - even when she doesn't like you at 17 :-)

  4. LOL @ except a new dog. Ha. She is definitely your mini-me!


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