Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Treats & A Bunny Picture

It's hard to believe we're less than 2 weeks away from Easter, especially since our weather has felt more like Christmas the last two weeks. Whomp, whomp :-( But I am willing Spring in every way possible and I am praying that the Easter bunny will finally brings us a little sunshine.

And treats.

And tulips.

And speaking of treats and tulips...I have a great printable to share with all of you today! Just head over to ThePolkaDotPosie blog to download a free sheet of "Happy Easter" tags :-)

So speaking of Easter...and the bunny...we decided to hop on over to mall this weekend to give the big guy some cuddles.

Well...Addie gave him cuddles. Blake told him to suck it. Either way, it was a super cute picture!!

The lady working the picture area told the kids to tell the bunny want they want to find in their baskets on Easter morning and Addie replied:

A Care Bear
The My Little Pony with the rainbow hair
Some Lego Friends
Nail Polish
Clothes for Saige
A flashlight

And Blake replied:


I love how these two even each other out :-)

So now that we've seen the bunny and all of our little treats are made, it's time to start planning Easter Brunch, which we are hosting at our house again this year. Do any of you have any fabulous brunch recipes that are a big hit in your family? I really want to try something new this year. But don't go too healthy on me...I have to feed my Dad, Eric and my brothers. A veggie scramble with egg whites is NOT going to cut it. And I don't blame them at all! I mean...it's Easter brunch and there is only one thing I am thinking when I sit down at the table.

Give me all your bacons.

So let's think meat, people. And cheese. And anything else naughty you can think of. And of course we need to balance with sweet. Man...I really need to stop writing about food right now :-)

So is anyone else hosting an Easter meal at their house this year? Have you all seen the Easter Bunny yet, or are you saving that for the last minute? I'm glad we went now so that the Easter bunny has time to hunt down some Skittles :-)

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  1. My Gram always made pizza breakfast for us. I can get you the exact recipe if you want. It is crescent rolls flattened in a 9x13 pan topped with hash browns and breakfast sausage. Then you pour beaten eggs over the top and finish off with cheese. Message me if you are interested. Love the bunny pic and printables.


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