Friday, March 15, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Before and After Ripped in 30

Do you know which link-up is celebrating its SIX MONTH anniversary??

You guessed it!!

I honestly can't believe it's been 6 months since my first H&FF post and 7 months since my girls and I started Operation L.G.N. on Facebook. It's been a great 7 months of health, fitness and fun and I would have NEVER been able to go this long without all the motivation I get every single day from my peeps.

So here is a big THANK YOU to every person who has ever linked up, commented on one of my fitness posts, joined our Facebook group or simply stopped by to read. We have a great group of ladies linking up weekly now and it is so fun to catch up on everyone's week and steal workouts, recipes and inspiration :-)

So this week...I have something very fun (and a little embarrassing) to share. When I signed on to do my DietBet and drop those last 5 pounds that were bugging me, I also committed to doing Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. I've always done her videos here and there, but never fully invested the time to go through the program the way it was intended. But with bikini season and race season just around the corner, I thought this was the perfect time to give it a go and really see what 30 days could do.

And let me tell you guys...30 days made ALL the difference in the world!!! The changes aren't crazy dramatic, but I definitely look different and best of all...I FEEL different!

To be honest...I was very reluctant to post this before/after pic because I didn't want to look like a total ass clown. I haven't posted a bare belly pic since I was 9 months pregnant with Blake and posting that seemed natural. It was a baby bump! But this is a little different and even now, I am feeling totally exposed. Ha! But then I was texting with my mom and my girl Chelsi last night (because they always give me their honest opinions) and they said that I should post the pictures because I've shared everything else about my fitness journey over the last 3 years...why not show how all the hard work is paying off?? Plus, it may even inspire someone else to commit to a 30-day challenge of some sort.

So guys...I'm just going to quit writing about it and show you the results of 30 days (and 3 years) of my commitment to get fit.

Yesterday I worked out in just a sorts bra with no tanktop to cover my belly. will NOT see me doing this running down the road or during a yoga class...but to have the confidence to even do it in my own home yesterday was a big step for me!

Now this doesn't mean that I won't ever be back to looking like the pic on the left because let's get real...birthday cake happens. Remember my post from last week? And truthfully, I am okay with that because birthday cake makes me happy. Cheeseburgers make me happy. And WINE! Let's not forget wine! I want to live and enjoy life and at no point do I ever want to become so obsessed with how I look that I will refuse to share a cupcake with one of my kiddies or turn down a big bowl of pasta that my friend Barb makes me. 

Not. Gonna. Happen.

But I also don't want to enjoy life so much that I forget my ultimate goal, which is to live a happy, HEALTHY lifestyle. One cupcake won't hurt, but 10 will. One week of missed exercise won't hurt, but one month will. My kids have watched me work hard this month and they have joined in on MANY of my workouts and I think that is such a great example to be setting for them. Addie asks me daily if certain foods are healthy and Blake even mentioned the other day that if he eats too much ice-cream, he won't get strong like Batman. Eric also recently signed on to play softball again and has been taking his lunch to work. I think fitness and the desire to be healthy is contagious and I hope that this fever sticks around forever :-)

AND...if any of you are looking for something to commit to for your own 30-day challenge, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Ripped in 30. Each week is a new workout and I didn't think that Jillian was over the top with her inspirational talk and jibber jabber. She pretty much cuts to the chase and in just 20 minutes (plus a warmup and cool down), I am sweating like a pig with shaky muscles. The workouts increase in intensity each week, and some moves are SUPER hard! Even after doing all 30 days, I still can't do Week 4 without a ton of modifications, but that is something to work towards! This is also a great workout to pair with running so all you Couch to 5Kers would really benefit from it. In fact, I think anyone would benefit from this workout. Be sure to let me know if you give it a try :-)

Well that's all I have today, friends! Thank you all so much fore reading through this insanely long post today and I hope you will forgive me for not posting my weekly menu. The truth is...I haven't made it yet. Ha! But I did just get a great new cookbook and I hoping to share some delicious stuff with all of you next week and give the HEALTH section of this link-up a little love. In fact, it would be awesome if we could ALL post some of our favorite recipes next week and get a great stock-pile for our April menus.


  1. Jen, you look fantastic! You look amazing in the before picture too! ;) I'm gonna have to pick up this DVD.

  2. Love your attitude!! You have a great outlook on fitness! And way to go for being brave and posting those pics- you look fantastic in both, but I can definitely tell a difference! I might just have to try Ripped in 30, I've never been good at following through with resistance training, but I really need to try!

  3. That's so awesome! You really look amazing before AND after! You can definitely tell that your hard work paid off. Thanks for hosting this link up, I really enjoy both linking up and reading everyone's posts. I will be back next week...I chose to watch TV and cuddle my cranky toddler last night instead of blogging :)

  4. Hi Jen I just started following your blog and I am loving your Health and Fitness posts! I live in Chicago and am a new mom to a 6 month old. You are definitely inspiring me to get my butt in gear and shed the rest of this baby weight and then some. Congrats on your dietbet and 30-day challenge you look great!

  5. Awesome results! You should def be proud.
    You are so right! Life happens....I love your motto of living a happy, HEALTHY lifestyle.
    It is right on track!!

  6. You are looking great Jen! I'm so proud of you and you look SUPER toned!! Way to go! I just about laughed out loud when you siad you won't be seeing this on the road. I feel the same about myself. :)

  7. You seriously live up to the title of super mom! Blake and Addy are so blessed to have such a great Mommy. Thanks for the motivation to get more healthy myself, my goal over the next few weeks as I start a new job on Monday, is to keep exercising and eating healthy. I may just try the ripped in 30 for the month of April!?

    You are absolutely right in some indulging keeps us sane but too much can wreck!

    So thankful for you blog friend!

    Ps. You look great!

  8. You look amazing Jen!! Although your before picture looks good too. I need to try this ripped in 30.


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