Friday, March 22, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Happy First Week of Spring

It may not feel like spring yet, but just seeing the word on my calendar makes me happy. I know it's coming and soon enough, we will all be running outside in glorious sunshine!!

So speaking of running...let's talk about FITNESS first today.

I said last week that I really need to start logging more miles, especially with my first race of the season coming up in just a few short weeks. I am happy to report that this week, I managed to get in 12 miles. I know that is NOTHING to some runners, but for me it's a step back in the right direction. I was also able to get outside for my long run last weekend and that made all the difference in the world!!

My goal for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K is to finish in under 50 minutes and I was shocked when I saw my time for this run!! If I can do this again on race day...I will be a happy happy girl!! And hopefully I won't have to be bundled in 20 layers for that race so who knows...maybe I can shoot for 45 minutes!!!

If you live in the midwest, you know that the weather took a turn for the worst this week and dipped back into the single digits AND we got a little more snow. So I was sadly stuck on the dreadmill for the rest of the week. I did manage 3 shorter runs and always tried to mix them with some other workout. Yesterday I tried a Yoga for Runners workout and this chick on the video was INSANELY flexible. I just had to take a picture of her doing this one move.

I'll have you know that I did attempt this move and it was NOT pretty :-) But it's something to work towards!

I am sure you are wondering why I also took a picture of my shoes yesterday, and it's because I finally got a new pair of kicks!! I have been LONG overdue for some new running shoes but I have been trying to decide which pair to get this time around. I have run two years in the Nike Air Pegasus, one year in the LunarGlides and this time...I decided to give Nike Free Run 3s a try. SO many of my running friends swear by them and my shoe guy said that because I am a neutral runner...they may work great for me. Only time will tell as I log more miles, but yesterday's run felt great!!!! And I am such a sucker for neon :-)

Next up...let's talk about HEALTH.

Everyone thinks November/December is the worst time of year for bad eating but I think the month of March is slowly taking over that title. With all the birthdays we have had lately, the abundance of Easter candy already sitting around AND the latest delivery of Girl Scout cookies...I have been on a sugar binge. No matter how healthy we've been eating for our other meals, I just can't seem to resist grabbing a cookie here, two Cadbury Mini Eggs there, GAH!!!

Is anyone else a total candy/cookie hound? I realize there is nothing wrong with having a treat now and then but I am struggling with eating it in moderation this month!!!! Must. Try. Harder.

So here's our menu for the week ahead (starting with today, since Friday is my new grocery day):

FRIDAY: Sloppy Joes (Pampered Chef recipe) with sweet potato fries.
SATURDAY: Birthday Dinner for Uncle Adam
SUNDAY: Birthday Party for Nolan
TUESDAY: Leftovers
WEDNESDAY: Baked Spaghetti
THURSDAY: Paninis and salad

So how did everyone else's week go? Did you get in some extra workouts? Were you sneaking cookies in the closet?


  1. 12 miles is great and I love those pink shoes! I have purple Nike Free Runs and it's silly but looking down at that bright purple just makes me happy! I think eating well is extra hard right now because this seems like the winter that will NEVER end. I just heard that we are supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow here on Sunday. That's Palm Sunday. WTF. I have been sneaking a little Easter candy's way too easy when it's sitting right there! Have a great week! Hope you get some nice weather!

  2. You're doing great! I have neon pink Brooks! I love them! I can't imagine temps in the single digits! It's gotten back into the 50s here this week and I've frozen!

  3. Yeah!! Yoga for Runners! I hope you liked it...and that girl looks crazy flexible! Also, I am a total and complete candy hound, like I need to have an intervention or something.


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