Friday, March 1, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Reaching Goals

Happy Friday Everyone!

I think we can all agree that the most frustrating part of trying to lose weight and/or get into shape is when you work your ass off and don't see any real results. Nothing deflates your motivation and confidence more than a scale that hasn't moved in a week or a pair of jeans that still won't button. It is SO EASY to give up in those moments and just pull a Regina George and say,

Whatever. I'm having cheese fries.

But when we push through those crappy weeks, hide our Girl Scout cookies in the back of the pantry and force ourselves out for that early morning run, something amazing always happens. You wake up one morning and step on the scale and boom...there it is.

Your goal weight.

 That silly little number haunting you for weeks or months (or years) is FINALLY flashing on the screen. So you run to the closet, grab your "skinny" jeans from the top shelf and slide them on. 

And they button. 

You decide you are never taking them off again...not even to shower :-)

That, my friends, is hard work at it's finest. Setting a goal and reaching it. What I love most about this link-up and all my peeps in the L.G.N. Fitness group is that we are all striving for different things. Some of us are trying to lose weight, some are trying to tone up, some are training for their first 5K or Half Marathon, etc. But in the end...we are ALL just trying to stay motivated to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. That's one goal we are ALL reaching just by showing up and sharing our journey with each other. So with that said, I would like to share a milestone that I reached this week:

I made my DeitBet goal!!!

Please know that I am not trying to brag or be inconsiderate by posting my weight here. Everyone has their own "magic number" where they feel their best and for me, that magic number is 135. It's where I feel happy and healthy and now that I have a little buffer room with the extra weightloss, I am planning on doing this for my workout tonight. Ha!

But seriously guys...I am so happy to have this DietBet OVER and so happy that I reached my goal.

But now the real challenge begins...I need to MAINTAIN this happy weight and not be right back where I started 6 months from now. I have learned so much from my fitness buddies about the proper ways to eat and refuel my body. I know I am going to succeed this time because I seriously never want to diet again. EVER!!

And now that the yucky part is over, I can start applying what I have learned and spend more time on toning up the saggy mommy parts that didn't go away in this weightloss challenge (damn it!). I am happy to report that I am really seeing some results with Ripped in 30. I am almost done with Week 3 and when I complete week 4, I am going to share my before and after pictures. YIKES!!! But it's good for motivation. 

SPEAKING of motivation, here's a big shout out to my boy Blake and my girl Carol for getting me off my bootie this week!!! Carol totally knows how to speak my language and Blake is meaner than Jillian Michaels. For reals.

I also need to give a shout out to the sun!! Thanks for showing up this week and giving me the courage to run in 25 degree weather. That was a brisk 4 miles but it was awesome!

Now...let's talk about HEALTH.

It was another great week of eating around here, mostly because I had to make this damn DietBet goal. Now that it's over, I am looking forward to trying some other new recipes that are a little more up Eric's alley :-) Here is our menu for the week to come:

SATURDAY: Addie's Birthday Party!!
WEDNESDAY: Dinner at In-Laws
THURSDAY: Addie's Birthday - her meal of choice
FRIDAY: Pretzel Crusted Chicken, compliments of my girl Sarah.

And we will be having Girl Scout cookies for dessert every night until they are gone :-)

Thanks for reading today friends!! I hope you all had a great week too!


  1. Congrats Girlfriend! Way to go loosing that weight. I agree with you about this link-up. It motivates me to make sure I do something during the week. I'd have nothing to write if I didn't do anything. Well done again and thank you for hosting such an AMAZEBALLS link-up.

  2. Woohoo! You won your diet bet!! Congrats on hitting your goal weight! I am right around 135 too. I think you are taller than me though. My goal weight is 128. That would put me into the athletic range for my body fat % for my height. However, as I mentioned in today's post it's just not happening. Thanks for keeping me accountable with this link up!

  3. AWESOME job girl! I am a couple lbs away from my "happy number". It's hard work that is totally worth it!

  4. Congrats on winning the DietBet!! Awesome job:)

  5. Way to go!! Hitting goal must feel awesome! Garlic brussel sprouts sound really good!

  6. hey there, found your blog which is great because i'd been looking for more fitness-type blogs to connect with.

    congrats! that's so amazing!!

    i had been saving a pair of white capris for when i lost the weight and when i tried them on last night, they are too big! i was so happy yet sad because now i can't wear them on vacation on monday :(


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