Thursday, March 21, 2013


Lately I've been thankful for all the clean bills of health we've received.  

Both my Dad and Eric's Aunt Sue had their gallbladders removed in the last month and BOTH made it through surgery with flying colors and are now doing great!! I can't express what a relief it is to be at this point, especially after all the worry for both of them. I also received my final clean bill of health from my skin cancer scare and celebrated by buying a bunch of SPF 100 and a few spray tan credits on Groupon :-) Howie also got his clean bill of health this week from the vet who said that he can now "resume normal activity," which in Howie's case means chasing rabbits and eating underwear.

Lately I've been loving birthday parties.

Trust our family...birthday parties are not in short supply. We've had a birthday to celebrate every week since the beginning of February and there are still two left to go. Last weekend, we celebrated Audrey's birthday at the CUTEST princess make-over place. The girls had a blast....I would have KILLED to have had a party like this when I was little.

 My brother Adam also celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday which is CRAZY because he is my BABY brother. If he is almost 30, that means I am almost mid-30s. That's a lotta freaking candles...T-Rex would be screwed.

 Speaking of T-Rex...

Lately I have had a little obsession with my favorite Dinosaur.

I mean, my love of T-Rex has been no secret, but now that more of my friends and family are catching on to my little obsession, I've been finding daily treats on Facebook, text and in the MAIL!!!

My sweet friend Ashley surprised me last week with a little gem that she found in a t-shirt shop. Isn't this hilarious?!! T-Rex hates push-ups just as much as I do!

A friend of mine also gave me this book and I haven't stopped laughing since.

And clearly my love of T-Rex is rubbing off on the kids. Here are my girls taking their "FAVORITE DINOSAUR EVER" to school for Dino week.

And ever since I showed Blake this picture of T-Rex...

He has been taking his grabber EVERYWHERE.

Apparently Large Dinos AND 3-Year-olds are unstoppable with a grabber.

Lately I've been missing Spring.

There is nothing worse than waiting patiently for something to arrive, only to make it to that day and be told that it is DELAYED or in Spring's case...NEVER COMING!! The weather is just plain miserable right now. I know we will all be complaining about the heat in a matter of weeks, but right now, I have never had cabin fever this bad in my life. I am stir crazy, the kids are stir crazy, and I am over my winter coat and boots. OVER THEM! So I bought a new pair of sunglasses this week to make myself feel better. They were $9 and I am still not sure I am sold on this aviator look. When I look at myself in these glasses, I just want to ask someone, "Do you know how fast you were going back there meow?" or "License and registration chicken..." (thanks for that quote JennM).

 Lately The Polka Dot Posie has been blowing up with orders.

I know my blog has been a bit lacking around here lately friends, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that our shops have been doing SO GREAT!!! We just listed several fun new items today...

And my mom got her first wedding order a few weeks back!! Wouldn't you die to get a bridesmaid gift like this?

Our printable shop has been doing great as well, and I have had the privilege of working with so many cuties for their birthdays!!! This is my friend Ashley's nephew and I was able to design everything for his sock monkey party!!! Isn't he a sweetie?!!

My mom and I just can't thank you all enough for spreading the word about our shop and being the best customers ever. We are approaching our 1 Year Anniversary and you better believe we will be doing some celebrating with a fabulous coupon code and giveaway!!!!

Lately I've been loving my babies.

Okay...maybe I shouldn't put "lately" in front of that because I ALWAYS love my babies. But lately I have been getting to spend more time with my niece and nephews too and that just makes me so happy. 

This past weekend, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Meagan and Owen came down to have dinner with us and it was SO FUN watching all the kids run and play together. Nana was loving all her cuddle time with them too.

Dana and I have also worked out a little sleepover rotation with the kids and it is something that we look forward to just as much as they do now.

Addie and Blake are so lucky to have these relationships with their cousins :-)


Well thanks for reading through my random post today guys!! We have a crazy weekend ahead of us and I can't wait to share my picture overload with all of you on Monday. But first, don't forget that tomorrow is Health & Fitness Friday!!! Feel free to link-up and join the fun!


  1. Oh the weather. I can't even. I'm half certain we are going to have 2 weeks of 60* then 100* for 3 straight months!

    Your t-rex stuff cracks me up each time!

  2. I really hate that the boys dont get to see their cousins often. Growing up my cousins were like extra siblings. Congrats on your year anniversary coming up! That's so exciting!

  3. I so want that trex shirt. I loathe pushups. With bad wrists they are my arch nemesis out to destroy me with every workout

  4. Pretty much you look cute in your glasses. :-)


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