Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Birthday Recap & Some R&R

Happy Monday friends!! Addie's week-long birthday celebration has come to an end and as FUN as that week was, I was so happy to have some down time this weekend to rest and recover :-) And when you see all these will understand why.

But let's start with her actual birthday on Thursday, shall we?

I started a little tradition a few years ago to set up our kitchen table for the birthday girl/boy and have their gifts wrapped and waiting for them (along with their own special "Happy Birthday" banners hanging in the background). Blake is still at the age where he could give a crap about the sign, decorations, etc. He just wants what's in the box.

But this girl...she is SO easy to please. In fact, she didn't even want to open her gifts until I took a picture :-)

Blake picked out roller skates as his gift to Addie...

And Mommy and Daddy got her this sweet kitchen for her American Girl doll (Mommy scored it for a freaking STEAL after Christmas at Target).

Is this not the cutest thing ever?

She played all morning with it and was too excited to even eat her pancakes. The only thing that got her away from it was going to see this guy...

I know we already had a party for Addie the Saturday before, but I just couldn't let her actual day go by without doing something fun. So the Grandmas, Aunt Dana, Nia and Nolan all met us at Chuck. E. Cheese for some pizza and games.

Mima and Nana even had a special cake delivered by the mouse himself.

And Addie got to make ANOTHER birthday wish :-)

We all survived 2 1/2 HOURS at that place and burned through a ridiculous amount of tokens (and hand sanitizer). But I think you can tell from this picture that the kids had a BLAST!

After a very SHORT nap on the drive home, we changed and got ready for dinner with Great Nana and Richard. I knew we would be having cake that night so I asked my friend Barb to make Addie something special.

AND THAT SHE DID!!!! Have you seen a more beautiful cake for a little girl?

My grandma, who has made cakes for years, couldn't stop talking about how gorgeous it was. In fact, ever person I showed the picture too couldn't get over how beautiful it was!! And of course the birthday girl thought it was the most special "rainbow cake" ever :-)

But before we could dive into that beauty, we had some gifts to open!

My grandma has been working on Addie's birthday gifts for a month and I was SO EXCITED for her to see them.

It was an ENTIRE BOX full of sweaters, hats and booties for Saige (Addie's American Girl Doll).

You are looking at two of the most talented women I have ever known. 

The front row of clothes are all outfits for Saige that my mom made, and the back row was all knitted by my Grandma. An entire handmade wardrobe for one very special little girl and her dolly :-)

I honestly don't know what this little girl even had left to wish for, but she definitely took her time blowing out that last candle. 

And then we were FINALLY able to dig into the most delicious cherry chip cake I have ever had.

You see? This is why we relaxed (and detoxed) all weekend!!!

Addie pretty much had the best birthday ever and even though we celebrated it 20's still so hard to believe that my baby girl is 5!!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped us celebrate this week and/or sent Addie special birthday wishes. I can promise you it is a birthday she won't soon forget.



  1. Awww, I loved looking at all of the pictures! Addie is adorable and has grown SO much in the last year! I can't get over how big she looks! 5 going on 15!

    Your Grandma and mother are pretty much the most adorable and talented women on the face of the planet. LOOK AT WHAT THEY SEWED! Holy shit, batman they deserve gold medals!

    Thanks for sharing all of this birthday fun with us, Twinnie :) Next year be sure to send me a piece of Barbs cake! Haha!


  2. Jen, can you adopt me on my birthday? I want to celebrate at your house! Those little clothes are too precious! Glad everyone had a great week!

  3. Hello,

    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


  4. So special! I love that cake, so much! And we are totally doing a CEC party for KP this year. Girlfriend LOVES it there!

  5. What an awesome birthday celebration! Looks like you made some pretty special memories and had a perfect time doing it!!

    The cake, the gifts.....WOW!! You really know how to celebrate :)

    And I love the "hand sanitizer" comment! Sounds just like me! Ha!

  6. Seriously adorable!!!! She is getting so grown!

    Happy Birthday Addy!!!

    The gifts are adorable and sounds like all of the bday celebrations were a complete success!!!!

  7. What a special day for a MORE than special girl!!! I'm so glad her birthday was wonderful!!!

    Happy birthday Addie!! You are LOVED!!


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