Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays...and a Concert

You know it's the Monday after a busy weekend when you wake up with day-old make-up, your kids are still wearing party wristbands (that somehow survived the bathtub) and your house looks like a bomb went off.

That was me today. I needed 3 cups of coffee just to make it till 1:00pm and now here I am, WIDE AWAKE at midnight. I wish I could say all this extra time awake has made me productive but no...I'm still in a dirty house with almost 2-day old makeup on.

But let's talk about the fabulous weekend that produced the zombie that I am today.

Our weekend actually started on Thursday with a special double date night!!

Back in January, Eric and Dana decided to get tickets to see Little Big Town and even though I am not much of a country fan, I was down for any excuse to get out for a double date.

The concert ended up being SO FREAKING GOOD and I have to be honest...it may have turned me into a country fan.

As fun as the concert was that night, I learned a very important lesson:

Don't have more than 2 glasses of wine if you have a kid party to attend the next day.

Because no matter how sweet these 20 peanuts from Addie's preschool are...

They are loud. 

Like...CRAZY loud. It was a 3-Advil night for sure and a lesson well learned :-)

After the bouncy house party, I came home and crashed harder than I have in a long time. No racing mind. No playing on Pinterest. No tossing and turning. Just wonderful, un-interupped sleep (thanks to Nana and Papa who invited the kids for a sleepover). And that was a good thing too because I had to be up bright and early to do something a little ridiculous...

Stand in line with a hundred other people to buy tickets to my OWN daughter's dance recital.

Isn't that just the craziest thing you have ever heard of? I guess this is pretty common in the dance world now and it gives people the option to purchase as many tickets as they want. The only problem is to get  decent seats...you have to stand in line. For HOURS!!!!

But the good news is that the weather cooperated and we all got great seats!! But if you are reading this Addie, Nia, Audrey, Paisley and Kacie...this better be one freaking MAGICAL show. Just sayin :-)

The rest of our Saturday ended up being pretty fun. The girls had ice-skating...

And then we met Uncle Adam and Aunt Di for a little birthday dinner!!

And SPEAKING of birthdays...we had our THIRD birthday celebration on Sunday when my little Nolan turned 4-years-old!!

Nolan decided he wanted his "Robot" party to be at the roller rink and it was so much fun!!!! We had cupcakes and candy...

And did a TON of skating. I don't know what it is...but the kids all looked so grown up in their little rented roller skates!

 And I was SHOCKED by how well they all did!!! Even Blake was cruising around! With a little help of course :-)

And these two were old pros...

It's so hard to believe that my baby brother is 29 and even harder to believe that my little God-baby is 4!!!

 Time is just going by way too fast!!!

Except for today. Time doesn't go fast on Mondays :-)

But now that it is officially TUESDAY...it's time for me to hit the hay.

Thanks for reading along guys! I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


  1. You looked adorable at the concert! And, you seriously need to write a book about something! I had to stifle a laugh because it's 6:30 and everyone's asleep. :) hope you still are! Lol!!

  2. Oh MY! SO much goodness to comment on in this post! Feeling like a zombie is definitely not a good thing, but I have to say it looked totally WORTH it! (Except for maybe the ridiculous line, and the LOUD preschoolers.) Eeeep! Bless you for being an awesome mom!!

    Country concerts are SO much fun!! Little Big Town? Yep, I'm jealous. ;)

    Glad you had so much fun....and hope you catch up on your rest soon.

  3. I need that candy cake. I NEED it.

    Glad you had an awesome weekend!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend. And you look AWESOME! I hate starting Monday's a wreck though. I've never been to a Little Big Town concert but I have been to a Keith Urban and it was awesome too! Hope you have recovered and are caught up on your sleep!


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