Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Want to Win $50 to ThePolkaDotPosie??!!

When you decide to start a small business, the first thing you wonder is...

"Will anyone visit our shop?"

And then of course if someone does visit your shop, will they like your stuff? Will they come back? Will they tell their friends about it?

Obviously, my mom and I had no idea what we were getting into when we opened ThePolkaDotPosie but we jumped in anyway and started spreading our name. I carried our totes, my mom wore our necklaces and we did the best we could to promote our shop online.

And then something wonderful happened. Friends started buying our stuff. And wearing it. And Tweeting about it. And blogging about it. And LOVING it!! We have been on cloud nine ever since we saw our first Rosie Posie Necklace on Instagram and if my memory serves me right, my girl Kenzie was one of our first necklace orders and she is even sporting it in her FABULOUS profile picture below!!!

The other fabulous ladies in this group are all sponsors of Kenzie's wonderful blog and they have all pitched in to give readers a $50 credit TO OUR SHOP!!!

Words can't express how flattered we are to have them supporting our business and bringing so many new faces to our shop and blog. We just can't thank you all enough!!! comes the fun part. This post should have gone up days ago but because I am a HOT MESS (and not near as organized as Super Nanny Kenz), I am giving you guys short notice that this amazing giveaway ENDS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! That's right friends...there is only one day left to enter this giveaway so head on over to Kenzie's blog to enter!!!

And to all the ladies that contributed to this giveaway, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Good luck, everyone!!

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