Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend in a Nutshell

The Easter Bunny arrived right on schedule this weekend and he made two kids VERY happy :)

Technically, he made three kids very happy because he brought me exactly what I asked for...SPRING!!! The weather was wonderful all weekend and we enjoyed every second of it.

Even though Addie is actually on Spring Break this week, we still managed to workout a sleepover with her friend Meagan on Thursday night. The girls have looked forward to this for weeks and I am so glad we were finally able to work it out.

We spent the rest of Good Friday thanking Jesus for the BEAUTIFUL weather. Even Howie was excited to get some fresh air.

Saturday was more of the same...enjoying being outside and of course...getting ready for Easter!!! The kids got some extra special mail...

And then because there wasn't enough sugar in the house, Addie and I made some Easter cupcakes.

All of that fresh air knocked the kids out at 7:00 on Saturday night, which gave Eric and I the chance to finally RELAX! And of course by relax I mean help the Easter Bunny hide 50 eggs in the backyard and fill baskets with goodies :-)

But here is where I need to vent for a moment and then I promise I will get back to the happy stuff:

Because I was too excited to sleep that night (which is how I am the night before any holiday) I decided to hop online to see all the pictures of the Easter Bunny's arrival. I was laughing at my cousin Tammy who somehow managed to hide 147 eggs in her house! And of course I smiled at all the "Baby's 1st Easter" baskets and took notes of the cute things I saw people putting out for their kids. Never once did I worry if the bunny had filled Blake and Addie's baskets with too much, or too litter. Never once did I judge someone for choosing not to do Easter baskets for their kids. And never once did I question my Christianity based on the fact that we DO celebrate Easter with the bunny.

But then I got on Twitter and noticed that a LOT of other people DID worry if their kids had too much, or too little. If their Christianity was somehow stronger because they don't celebrate the bunny, or weaker because they do. I also saw countless other posts criticizing others for posting pics of their baskets. Suddenly I was contemplating deleting my pics on Instagram, removing some of the items I had in the kid's baskets and picking up the 50 eggs I just hid in the backyard. It was a total buzzkill and I was angry with myself for even going there, knowing what a negative place it is surrounding any holiday. Everyone's faith in constant question based on how or if holidays are celebrated. If you keep Christmas and Easter simple and strictly about Jesus...that's wonderful! If you blow out those holidays with Santa and Bunnies and gifts hanging from the ceiling, that is wonderful too!!! The holidays are about tradition and what makes YOUR FAMILY HAPPY.

That's it. Plain and simple. No judgies.

We celebrate Jesus AND the bunny around here and I will never question my decision to do that again. I put toys and candy in my kids baskets, we eat 3 pounds of bacon, we hunt for eggs, we spend time with our wonderful families and when the kids go to bed, I eat at least 5-6 Reeses Peanutbutter eggs with a glass of milk. That's our tradition and you know what...this was the BEST EASTER EVER!!! And I sincerely hope it was for all of you too. that I got that off my chest...let's get back to the fun stuff, shall we?

The Easter Bunny really nailed it this year, bringing the kiddies just what they were hoping for.

We spent the EARLY morning playing with our toys...

And impatiently patiently waiting for our guests to arrive.

We decided to host Easter brunch at our house this year and I was so happy that everyone could make it!! Both my brothers and sister-in-laws, my Grandma and her boyfriend Richard, my parents and of course "Baby" Owen were all there.

Although, judging by this picture, we are going to have to drop the "baby" title. He's a little man!!

I gotta tell you...I'm so glad the bunny went out and hid those Easter eggs in the middle of the night because the kids had a ball collecting them...

Especially this guy...

 Who nearly knocked his sister over to get the last one. Ha!

While the kids were out with Papa, the ladies (and Eric) got all the food ready and man did we have a feast!!! Complete with Easter mimosas of course :-)

After breakfast, the kids were begging us to get back outside so that Blake could take Owen for a cruise on his Jeep. These two were HILARIOUS!!!!

And my favorite picture of all...

I can't imagine what my neighbors must think of the way my kids are dressed all the time. Blake was cruising around in his Spider-Man costume the other day and now Addie was on her scooter in a nightgown and too-short pajama pants...

And Blake was in this. I don't even...

But this guy was dressed like a cool little dude.

We all had so much fun watching the kids play together and Nana and Papa were so excited to spend the morning with all their grandbabies :-)

After a little downtime from the morning, it was off to Mima and Papa Steve's house for more Easter fun and another egg hunt!!! The kids were all pros at this point :-)

And because the weather was just too beautiful to go inside, Papa Steve played a little baseball with all the kids.

We had another incredible meal followed by WAY too much carrot cake. Dana and I were literally wishing we had brought yoga pants with in the car. Ha!

I know I say this every year (and will probably continue to do so) but this was the BEST Easter ever. Getting to spend time with ALL my babies was the biggest blessing of all :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter too :-)


  1. So glad I missed all the twitter drama. I did post "Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus." I thought it was hilarious and I was tipsy ;) Looks like you had a great Easter. That picture of Blake in snazzy outfit is cracking me up!

  2. It looks like y'all had a great weekend! I'm with you on the celebrations. We celebrate Jesus, but I don't see anything wrong with having the Easter Bunny at Easter and Santa at Christmas. It's fun!

  3. I think it's great that you celebrate holidays with faith AND traditions! I wouldn't want to do it any other way!

  4. Nothing wrong with doing what's best for your family! I will admit to feeling extra guilty about our Easter being a last-minute thrown together thing when I saw all the amazing stuff online but you know what...there's always next year! Your pics are all too cute!

  5. Katie said it PERFECTLY! It is about faith AND traditions. Everyone has the right to celebrate the way that makes them happy! And as far as I am was a very HAPPY Easter and I was so happy to celebrate with everyone I love!!! I wonder if those that made comments about Easter get presents under the tree at Christmas....same difference my friends!

  6. Awwwwww Jen!!!!!!!! Call me crazy, but I absolutely LOVE the way you document holidays here on your blog. Like, love it so much I just want to bottle it up!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe how big Addie and Blake are getting. Like... WHAT THE WHAT?! I'm so happy they enjoyed all the treats the bunny brought them. :)

    Faith + traditions has always been what makes each holiday special for my family and I'm happy to see that yours feels the same way. :)


  7. I love everything about this post. Same page, per uje ;)


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