Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy's a Maniac

I don't know how or when Addie and Blake learned the word "maniac" but they both know how to use it in the right context and they say it ALL. THE. TIME.

Like when I'm running around the house like a crazy person looking for my car keys, only to realize 20 minutes later that they are actually around my wrist, Blake will say, "Mom's a maniac!!!"

Yes buddy...I am.

Or when I bolt out the back door in my bathrobe after Howie because he is chasing a rabbit and I'm shouting" DON'T RUN! YOU HAVE A BAD LEG YOU ASSHOLE! I'M NOT BUYING YOU ANOTHER ONE!!" Addie will say, "Mom's a maniac!"

Yes sweetie...I am.

Or even when Eric comes home from work and I'm bee-bopping all over the house juggling 20 projects in addition to cooking dinner and taking care of the kids. He will look at Addie and Blake and say, "Mommy's a maniac!"

Okay...I guess I do know where the kids learned that word.

The thing is...I am constantly running around like a maniac because I have this problem of never being able to say NO to anything or anyone. I have talked about this so many times on my blog and for a while, I was being so much better about picking and choosing my projects and responsibilities. 

But today...as I look at my calendar {that literally doesn't have a blank space left over the next 6 days} I wonder why I always do this to myself. WHY didn't I say NO when the director of Addie's preschool cornered me on Friday and asked if she could count on me to run their first annual 5K this weekend. I KNEW I was having a garage sale that day. I KNEW that by saying yes I would have to be up extra early, get a babysitter {since Eric is still working OT) and open my garage sale an hour late. I KNEW all this and still said YES! Actually, I said "OF COURSE! I'm so excited" and then I literally had to clamp my mouth shut and walk away before I asked if there was anything else I could do to help.

And the thing is...I really do want to run that 5K. And have my garage sale. And get Addie to ice-skating lessons. And go to a birthday party later that night and bring my garlic swiss dip that takes an hour to cook. I want to do all those things but in order to make them all happen in one day, I know that at some point I will become "Maniac Jen" again.

I think the problem is #2 from the definition above.

I am a person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire to make people happy.

And I don't think I will ever be able to change this about myself, which means that #1 and #3 will apply to me too sometimes and I'll just walk around like screaming banshee all day :-)

As cute as screaming banshee is...too many days in a row of screaming and running around like a maniac is NOT good for anyone. I start getting frazzled and forgetful and straight up emotional. And that's where I'm at guys...I am worn a little thin right now.

But do you know what gives me hope? This beauty that sat in our driveway all weekend.

Photo: This can only mean one thing...it's almost CAMPING SEASON!!!!!

Camping season is almost upon us and it can't get here soon enough!!! Eric and I have both been very busy bees lately working hard for our family with very little time to ourselves. Bringing the camper home this weekend for it's Spring clean-up made us both smile because we know that in just a few short weeks, we will finally be able to SLOW DOWN and enjoy our first cozy campfire of the season.

So what is it that finally gets you and your family to slow down? Or better yet...how do you turn off your maniac switch?


  1. I just love you Jen. You might be a little crazy, but you also take time to be selfless & giving. XO

  2. I just read an article last night that hit home for us "people pleasers." The title of it was "Learn to Say No" and its written by a woman who declared the year of SAYING NO! The line in the article that really hit home was...Turn down any invitation that wasn't meaningful or didn't make your heart flicker. I spend many evenings sitting at things that don't make me happy. I do it because it makes OTHERS happy! I over-commit all the time which puts undo stress on me. The article said that if you learn to say no and only commit to things that make you happy you will be more mentally present when you are with them.

  3. I feel exactly the same way! I'm not exactly the people pleaser type but I definitely have WAY TOO much going on right now. I know for me that things will slow down soon, I hope the same for you :)

  4. We are itching to go camping too! End of May is our first trip! I hope life slows down a bit for you...take time to enjoy it!

  5. I totally get where you are coming from. We are learning this lesson over here too. I actually told the boys we were not doing baseball this spring. GASP! I know I'm the meanest mom ever but it's ONE season. A season that we have spent taking afternoon walks, playing at the park and eating dinner together in a non-hurried manner. It has been WONDERFUL! It is so hard to say no. But it has definitely paid off to do it more often for us. Hope things slow down soon!

  6. Camping season sounds so good! Hope the summer weather comes soon and you can go and enjoy it :)


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