Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Food Isn't Just for Babies: An Ella's Kitchen Review & Giveaway

When my friends over at Ella's Kitchen offered to send some of their delicious products to my kiddos for a taste-test, I was a little confused at first. We are long past the baby food stage in our house I knew that there was no way I would get my picky eaters to down a bowl of purred veggies and meat.

But then they asked if my kids loved smoothies and I couldn't shout YES!!!! fast enough. I don't know about your kids, but mine live for smoothies and any snack that they can grab on the run. This summer, we are back and forth from the park, the splash pad, t-ball practice, camp, you name I like to keep some easy snacks on hand. When Ella's kitchen sent me some of their smoothies, I tossed two of The Yellow Ones in my purse.

the Green Onethe Purple Onethe Yellow Onethe Red One

After TWO HOURS at the park that day, the kids were dying for a snack and I thought it was the perfect time to give these a try. Do you think they liked them?

I am not kidding when I say that Blake literally slurped every last drop and begged for a second when it was finished. 

Since they were still hungry, I thought we would also try some of Ella's Nibbly Fingers

apples + strawberries nibbly fingersmangoes + carrots nibbly fingers

We tried the apples and strawberries and again...the kids devoured them!!!

What a perfect, nutritious afternoon snack! 

It has been so long since I've been down the baby food isle at our store and what I miss most about that isle are all the options for Organic snacks. Now I know of TWO delicious, organic snacks that I can by for my kids at any age. How great will these be for packed lunches?!!

So I have some great news for all of you...Ella's Kitchen is letting me giveaway a sample pack to one lucky reader!!!! So whether you have babies, toddlers or preschoolers like me...there is something for everyone to try!!! You have 3 chances to win...and because my Rafflecopter widget STILL won't work, we will have to do this the old school way. To win, leave a SEPARATE COMMENT for each of these three entires:

1. Visit Ella's Kitchen and leave a comment letting us know which product you think your kiddo will be most excited to try.

And that's it!! A winner will be selected on July 5th.

A BIG THANKS to Ella's Kitchen for letting us try their goodies!!! You definitely have two new fans!


  1. The smoothies for girls love the squeeze applesauces so I know they would love these!

  2. My kids would love the smoothies!!
    Sara Leptuch

  3. I liked Ella's kitchen on Facebook.
    Sara Leptuch

  4. I am following Ella's kitchen on twitter
    Sara Leptuch

  5. Nate would devour those smoothies!

  6. My kids would love the smoothie fruits!

  7. I just know Hailey would LOVE the purple one! She LOVES blueberries and grapes!

  8. Mack and Bel are always asking for these but I have never bought them because I thought were baby food! They would go nuts for the smoothies, and Abby would love anything, I'm sure!


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