Friday, June 21, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Creating a Home Gym and Making Better Choices at Summer BBQs

Happy Friday Peeps! It's that time again!

I found a really fun fitness blog {fitfabcities} this week after searching "home gyms" on Pinterest. I have been REALLY burned out on all of my fitness DVDs lately and have been looking for some new routines/equipment/ideas for spicing up my workouts at home. I still don't have the desire to join a gym because working out at home is so much easier for me. But I need a change, and I thought this blog post was really helpful in deciding what to add to my own "home gym" (a.k.a my basement).

Right now, my home gyms has 4 things:

1. A beautiful treadmill (that I love to hate)
2. A cheap elliptical machine (that I haven't been on in at least 4 years)
3. A stability ball
4. A set of 3lb weights (that I stole from my mom)

Aside from the treadmill, it's a pretty sad home gym and if I am really going to spice things up and try some new strength training, I definitely need some heavier weights and I would love to get some kettlebells, since those seem to be all the rage right now. I keep finding all kinds of great kettlebell workouts in my fitness magazines, like this one...

And this one...

I also have saved some great stability ball workouts, like this one from Tone it Up...


And this one..

Now that our new summer schedule is in full swing, and I am just about to begin the 15-week Half Marathon training plan that I found in one of  my FAVORITE running books, Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity I need to get my new workout schedule up and running and quit screwing around. So here's what I have planned:

MONDAY: Yoga class.
TUESDAY: Training Run
WEDNESDAYS: Cross train at home
THURSDAYS: Training Run
Friday: Cross train (or rest)
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest

The training plan calls for 3-4 days of running each week and having completed 2 half marathons with no more than 3 running days a week...I know it can be done and I don't want to burn myself out. I think I can get just as much benefit (if not more) from doing other exercises and some yoga. I am not looking to win any speed medals, I just want to finish again :-)

So now, more than ever, I have to make myself accountable on this link-up. HOLD ME TO THIS SCHEDULE GUYS!!! And by all means, please share any other home workouts you love to work into your routine :-)

Next up...let's talk HEALTH.

Summer eating is supposed to be easier. Cheap, fresh produce every where you look, grilled food, lots of water drinking on those hot should be easy to stay healthy, right? WRONG!! And it's all because of these three letters: BBQ. Every time you turn around there is another BBQ to go to with delicious burgers, brats, dogs, pasta salads, potato salads, chips, you name it. I literally don't posses the ability to turn down a delicious burger right off the grill, nor can I look away from a creamy bowl of potato salad. So what's a girl to do??

The answer is simple: make better choices. Or, you could host a Healthy BBQ like this one, but who wants to do THAT? Ha! Instead, here is an awesome little guide to making "healthy" choices at a REAL cookout :-)
Is anyone else STARVING for a burger right now??

Nom nom a little piggie with sunglasses :-)

Well guys...that's all I have for this week's installment of H&FF!! Thanks for reading along!!


  1. I am terrible at working out at home, so good for you for sticking to it!! I know what you mean about the summer BBQs, so much good stuff to enjoy! We have been making kabobs alot on the grill, they are a good way to satisfy that BBQ flavor with lean protein and veggies!!

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