Friday, June 14, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: My Third Half Marathon & The Requirements of a Sole Sister

At this time last year, I was in the thick of training for my very first half marathon. I remember this week in particular because I was about to run 7 miles for the very first time. I don't know what it was about 7, but it just seemed SOOOOOO much farther than 6. Maybe it's because I almost died at 6 miles the week before and I had no idea how I was going to run ANOTHER mile after that.

The night before my run I posted on Facebook how petrified I was to tackle that long of a distance and how I didn't know if I would make it. But then a bunch of my amazing buddies started rooting me on and gave me some necessary pep talks about staying positive, taking it slow, keeping myself hydrated and most of all...having fun.

Dana and I ended up nailing those 7 miles and I still remember how awesome I felt when it was over. I had finished something so huge and suddenly...I felt ready to tackle 8, 10 and even 13.1 miles. I just needed to get over the mental part of not feeling strong enough or athletic enough. It is SO easy to doubt yourself in running and constantly question if you have what it takes. But the more you run the more you realize that all it takes is practice and passion. You have to really love it to get to the point where you don't care how fast you go or how far you can make it. 

But above all else, you HAVE to have a kickass support system and surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and encourage you when you need it. Find some running buddies who truly "get" you and understand your goals. Better yet...find some running buddies that you can set new goals with :-)

As much as I love all of my male running buddies, I just don't feel like they possess the emotional range that I require from a fitness partner. I need someone who expresses excitement in the form of cartwheels and ear piercing "WOOHOO"s. I need someone that I can talk to about poop, period cramps and sore boobs with that won't dry heave in a bush. I need someone who will understand spontaneous crying spells in the middle of a run (from either exhaustion or euphoria). I need someone who will wear a tutu with me and feel comfortable being a "Tool in tulle" (that one is for you Carol :-) I need someone that hugs before, after and sometimes during a run. And I need someone who is okay with profanity and can use it in a very feminine, lady-like way. 

I need my Sole Sisters.

Luckily, I am blessed with many amazing Sole Sisters in my life right now, and one of them is about to book a flight to Chicago because we just registered for the Chicago Monster Dash Half Marathon in October!!!!!!!!!!

Words cannot begin to express how excited I am to have Amanda here and to tackle this HUGE goal with her!! This will be her first half marathon and I can't wait to cross that finish line and welcome her to the 13.1 club!! She is everything I look for in a running buddy, lady-like profanity and all :-)

And Amanda is not the only Sole Sister I will be running with this year. My girl Steph is coming to Chicago for the Hot Chocolate 5K, my camping buddies Jamie, Heather and Sarah(s) and I will hopefully be running a 5K together sometime this summer and if I could just figure out how to win the lottery, I would love to fly ALL my girls from this link-up and LGN board to Chicago to run something together!!! Wouldn't that be freaking awesome?!!! We could have our own little 5K. dream :)

So...while we are on the subject of running, I am happy to report that I am almost half way to my goal for June!!! Like I said last week, I am trying for the third time to reach my goal of 50 miles in a month to be a part of the Half Century Club. Tomorrow will be the halfway point and as long as I can get a nice long run in on Saturday, I should be to 25 miles!! Woohoo!! In fact, I may just run 7 miles again for old times sake :-)

And to my other Sole Sisters Hannah and guys are seriously killing it with the runs this month and I have no doubt that you will both make it the Century Club!! 100 miles in a month...unreal!!!


Okay guys, I realize this is the point where I need to talk about HEALTH and although I don't have any great meal plans or recipes to share, I did want to leave you with a link to something I am going to start making around here for weekday lunches. Summer literally just started and we have already been CA-RAZY busy and when things are like that, I often find myself either skipping lunch (because I honestly forget about feeding myself while I am busy feeding the kids) or I end up eating a bunch of random crap. I've seen a million pins for salad in a jar but this diagram explains, in pretty awesome detail, how to create your own salads and layer them just right.


You can spend hours on Pinterest finding some delicious recipes, but here are few I want to try this week.

Well guys...that's all the rambling I have for today!


  1. Amazing post my friend. I love that you have people who support you in what you do. I'm lucky to have a few of these special people too. And yes if I win the lotto I'm high tailing it to you house for a 5k or two. Have the spare room ready. Ha! If only winning the lotto was that easy. This link up of your has been and still is the biggest support for me. Thank you so much. You will never know how much you and the other girls in this linkup have changed me for the better. Big hugs. xx

  2. Ohhh my goodness, wouldn't it be fun if we could all run a 5k together?? Maybe we'll have to do a virtual 5k! I am FOR SURE looking you up if I ever run a race in Chicago again!! I'd love to do that Hot Chocolate race sometime!

  3. Fun! I just signed up for my second half in October. I'm doing a Color Run with like 9 girls in July too. That one should be awesome! Running friends are totally necessary and make the trek much more enjoyable!

  4. I love this which is exactly why I'm so glad I found your blog. Having that extra support and push from sole sisters everywhere is amazing. I love running, I just hate that my brain and my thinking gets involved. I need to stop thinking and just RUN!


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