Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Father's Day in a Nutshell

It has literally taken me the last 48 hours to recover from our awesome Father's Day weekend. In fact we partied so hard this weekend, I actually had a low grade fever last night. No joke.

But my two-day food and wine hangover was so worth it because I got to spend two fabulous days with all the wonderful Daddies in my life.

On Saturday, we drove north to celebrate both Father's Day AND Owen's 2nd birthday!!!

I seriously cannot believe this not-so-little guy is already TWO!!!! He is the baby of our family and he isn't a baby anymore. In fact, he is actually bigger than Blake now so maybe we could still call Blake the baby? Just kidding :-) 

We really lucked out with the weather this weekend so the kids were able to play outside the whole time. We mowed the lawn...

And did some "Hoolie Hooping"...

Watched a little Thomas on Netflix...

And then Uncle Ryan broke out Owen's BIG birthday gift...a mini bulldozer!!!!

Ryan crafted every single piece of this bulldozer and he's been working on it since Owen was born. 

Uncle Adam couldn't wait to take a spin on it...

And neither could Addie...

But the person who had the most fun on it was Nana :-)

We literally had to drag her off the damn thing to go open presents. Ha! And boy...did the birthday boy get presents!!

I think Blake was most excited about the water guns. 

This picture freaks me out a little...

And then it was time for Papa to open his gifts!! The boys got him a cute little mug with their picture that says, "Papa's Best Buddies"

And then all the kids gave my Dad this pic...

It's been a really long time since my brother's and I got a picture with my Dad so I forced the two of them to smile. I think this turned out super cute :-)

It was such a fun day to celebrate. We chowed on Portillos beef, ate salted carmel bars and ice cream cake and drank entirely too much wine. Everyone slept REALLY good that night :-)

And then on Sunday, the kids woke up bright and early to give Daddy his card and this sweet little gift we framed for him.

I really wanted to make Eric a picture like this last year, but rounding two kids and a dog up for a picture is no easy task...especially when you need all of them to smile AND hold a letter. Or in Howie's case, raise an ear and lean against a letter. But I think all three of them did a great job this year. I LOVE how this picture turned out and so did Daddy :-)

After church, we raced home to get the house ready for our next Father's Day celebration. We had Eric's side of the family over for some smoked ribs and chicken and a million delicious sides. Seriously guys...I have dreams about my mother-in-law's twice backed potatoes. They are freaking amazing.

So once again, we enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather and drank lime-a-ritas while the kids made use of the waterside :-)

And then we ate like we've never eaten before. It may have had something to do with the fact that the ribs took about 2 hours longer than we thought...but who cares. When we finally did eat, it was TOTALLY worth the wait. Eric really outdid himself on the meat...it was delicious.

We really dropped the ball on taking pics that night, but before everyone left, I really wanted to get a nice pic of Eric and Dana with their parents...

And one with just their Dad. I thought this also turned out great :-)

Eric and his Dad look nothing alike :-)

So do you see now why Blake and I spent most of yesterday like this?

Well I hope everyone else had just as great of a Father's Day weekend as we did!!

Happy Father's Day, once again, to all the great Daddies in my life!!! xoxo


  1. Had the best day ever, who could ask for more? thanks Jen and family! Proud to be a Dad with a bunch like these!!!

  2. How cute is that DAD picture that you put together?! Laughed at Howie's raised ear.

  3. Looks like you all had a great day! Happy Father's Day to Eric!!!


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