Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's been a while, so today I am linking up with my girl Shannon for 

So What Wednesday
Today I'm saying SO WHAT IF...

* I am now the proud owner of THREE Peace Tees and I am considering getting Addie her second, especially since Amy is giving a percentage of her proceeds to this sweet little girl. Peace for Violet is such a wonderful cause and I encourage everyone who has been on the fence about these shirts to buy one. I love them and get SO MANY compliments. Amy is such a doll to work with too and I love her even more for making this a charity event.

* So what if I let my son play in the backyard all afternoon in just his undies and a t-shirt. If I looked that cute, I might run around in the same outfit.

* I immediately went online and purchased one of these Corkcicles the minute I saw Von Maur post them on Facebook. Seriously...WHY can't I come up with something like this?? I could be making millions!!!

Photo: Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures – it’s a great dilemma. The answer to this perplexity? Corkcicle. 

Shop Corkcicle now:

* My kids had popcorn and Gatorade for dinner last night. We were at the ballpark watching Daddy. Choices were limited. Whatevs. Could have been worse.

* I had a cowtail and a really bad cup of coffee for dinner last night. We were at the ballpark. Choices were limited. Whatevs. Could have been worse.

* Against my better judgment, I read Reality Steve's spoilers for the Bachelorette and based just on the first episode, I wouldn't have guessed the top 4 guys. But this makes me even more excited to watch the show because I want to see how this all unfolds.

* I have spent the last 4 months making my own custom planner pages but now that I have seen the new Erin Condren planner, I sorta want to say F-it and just buy one of hers. But I won't, damn it, because I've wasted a million hours of my life making them and I am going to use them and love the shit out of them if it kills me!!

* I've downloaded 3 books to read this summer and haven't started a single one. English teacher FAIL!

So guys...what are YOU saying So What to this week?


  1. I always read Reality Steve - the spoilers make it more fun to see how the show tries to manipulate what we see. Love the snark too :-)

  2. Just found your blog!!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!


  3. ooooo What books?
    We do the no pants thing here... mostly just the kids...
    Cowtails and coffee - sounds amazing!
    I work for Gatorade, so I would have to say that is absolutely nutritious (if they need straight carbs and sodium) #couldbeworse :) At least they were not dehydrated
    I totally ate popcorn for dinner tonight with a side of dairy queen


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