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Health & Fitness Friday: Beating Workout Boredom & Kicking the Night Owl Habit

Happy Friday Peeps! Welcome back for another installment of...

At this time last year, after I ran my first half marathon and realized all the mistakes I made while training, I decided to embark on a little 30-Day Challenge. All I really wanted to do in the challenge was drop a couple pounds and start to incorporate new workouts into my routine. So I signed up for my first yoga class, bought a few Jillian Michaels DVDs and pinned a million workouts from the Tone it Up girls.

And because I can never do this sort of thing alone, I started a little Facebook Group called Operation L.G.N. (Look Good Naked) and I had a bunch of old and new friends sign on to do the challenge with me. It is so hard to believe that I started that group a YEAR AGO and that it is still going strong. We've had months where everyone was posting daily, and other months (like this one) where we all just check in periodically. But in all that time, no one has completely given up on working out and getting healthy and THAT is something to be so, so proud of.

So...Happy Anniversary to all my L.G.N. buddies and a Happy Early Anniversary to all of my Health & Fitness Friday girls!! This little link-up will turn a year old in September and I have got something really fun planned for it :-) I feel so lucky to have made so many wonderful new friends through this link-up that keep me motivated and always know how to put a smile on my face. Love you girls!!

Okay, enough with the sappy stuff. Time to get down to business with FITNESS.

This week, I've been struggling a lot with boredom on my runs. I complained all winter about how I couldn't wait to get off the treadmill and back outside where running is fun, and now I am complaining about being bored! 

I am so high maintenance. 

The thing is...running outside IS FUN if you make sure to change things up. I found this great pin {above} that lists some fantastic ways to beat boredom. Running with a buddy, switching up your route and setting new distance goals are all things that really help me when I get in a rut. Also, just today, I switched to intervals at mile 2 when I was feeling SUPER bored and SUPER tired and it really helped.

The other thing I noticed on my run tonight is that my current playlist SUCKS and I need to change up some of my music. I am also considering going to library tomorrow to check out some audio books. I have never tried this before, but what a great way to keep your mind distracted on long runs! Does anyone have any suggestions for a good audio book? 

Perhaps my favorite tip from the pin above is to reward yourself after a run, so here is a little list of things you can reward yourself with after you're done:

Clearly this list doesn't follow the "healthy reward" rule...but oh well :-)

So how do all of you beat boredom when your workout routines get tired?

Aside from whining through some of my runs, I have had a much more productive week in the Fitness department and I am proud to say that I stuck to the schedule I planned last week!! I got my long(er) run in over the weekend, took Yoga on Monday, ran Tuesday, did a DVD yesterday, ran last night and now today I am going to rest so that I am fresh for my long run tomorrow morning. I really feel like this schedule is going to work for me and it feels nice to be getting back in the groove before real training starts next week.

So enough about Fitness...let's talk a little about HEALTH.

Before we start I have a confession to make:

I totally and completely FAILED with that whole "Wake Up Early" plan I committed to last week. Caroline and I were going to keep each other in check and although I did wake up earlier two days this week, it wasn't enough because I still went to bed TOO LATE the night before and I felt like a zombie. BOO!! 

But this week it is on, my friends. I think 5:30 was just shooting too high for my first week. So I am going for 6:00, which should hopefully give me at least 30-60 minutes before the kids get up. Knock on wood :-) Did anyone try early mornings this week? I would love to know how you feel after a whole week of doing it.

This is definitely something I want to fix before the school year starts. There are so many things that I need {and want} to do each day that are difficult to do with the kids. Working out, doing paperwork and paying bills, working on shop orders, grading papers and writing lesson plans, blogging, cleaning, working on projects, etc. and right now, I only have the time after the kids go to bed to complete any of this stuff and it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get to bed at a reasonable time if I want to be productive. But staying up late is also taking its toll so I want to see if getting to bed early and waking up before the kids will be a better routine for me. I have to believe that it will be, because the days where I manage a workout, shower and cup of coffee before their little feet hit the floor are some of my BEST days. Does anyone else feel this way?

Here's hoping I can stop being a night owl and start being a morning birdie :-)

Before I go today, I just want to share a really yummy, healthy recipe that I think will be perfect for all of you with a garden this summer. I keep seeing so many pictures of everyone's harvests on Facebook and whenever I see a big pile of zucchini, squash and tomatoes...I think of Ratatouille.

I have made this dish two different ways and both have turned out fantastic. You can serve your Ratatouille like Remy does in the movie {recipe here}...

ratatouille's ratatouille

or you can do it chunky style like Martha does {recipe here}...

I like to eat my Ratatouille over angel hair pasta, but it can definitely be eaten as a side or as a stew. SO delicious and so fresh. If you don't have a garden of your own this summer, make friends with a neighbor who does and I bet they have almost all of the ingredients there for the picking.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I just started listening to audiobooks while I run! I listened to Gone Girl, which was a really good distraction! Right now I am listening to Divergent, which is sort of embarassing to admit because it's pretty much for teenagers, but its really easy to listen to and doesn't require much thinking! It makes the run go by a lot faster!


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