Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our First Half of Summer in a Nutshell

Tonight, I sat down to finally sync the 2 million pictures I have on my phone and I couldn't get over how much we have already done this summer!! There are so many fun things I have wanted to blog about but I just haven't found the time (or desire) to sit down at the computer. I made a promise to myself that when school got out, I would do my best to be more present and enjoy every last moment of summer with my kiddies. And as you will see from these pics, we haven't slowed down once!!! So here is a little peek at our first half of a nutshell :-)

In the beginning of June, we finally made it out to Santa's Village, which is an amusement park my parents used to take us to as kids! It brought back so many great memories and I was shocked {and a little scared} that some of the same rides were still there! The kids had a blast and they were SO EXCITED to see Santa. Dana and I appreciated the little mid-year reminder to stay on the Nice List.

Not only did we get to see Santa in June, but we also got another visit from the Tooth Fairy :)

And of course with summer comes lots of playdates with our friends. We've managed to squeeze in a few so far, but hopefully we get to see a lot more of our buddies in July.

The kids and I have been spending a lot of time at our library this summer too. We are doing the reading program and they are enrolled in a weekly storytime. We've also managed to get to a few of their events, like Halloween in June. 


The girls also got to go to their very first Vacation Bible School, or "camp" as they call it. The girls went for 5 days from 9:00-4:00 which was HUGE for both of them. I really missed my baby girl all week, but they had the time of their lives and learned so much.

I am seriously in love with our new church. We've been attending every Sunday for about a month now (just Addie and I until I can work up the courage to try it with Blake) and I find myself actually looking forward to going! I feel at home there, which is why I know it's the perfect fit :-)

So while the girls were off having all kinds of fun at camp, Dana and I thought we should to something special with the boys so on the ONLY sunny day that week, we took them to a water park :-)

After that LONG week of fun, it was finally time to unwind at the campground!! But first, Addie and I made a pit stop at The Annual Mueller 4th of July party! Addie just couldn't go another day without seeing her cousin Gracie :-)

Every year, the girls run straight for this little playhouse that my Uncle Jerry has in his backyard. It was the same playhouse that my cousins and I played in when we were kids, and it is so precious to watch all of our girls play tea party at the very same table :-)

Back at the campground, these two dudes were waiting patiently for us to return :-)

In order to have a camping space for the big fireworks show over 4th of July weekend, we had to pull our camper out to our club almost 2 weeks early!! So when I say that we've been camping the better part of June...I mean it. 

But what a FUN two weeks it's been! The kids have shared lots of meals with their camping buddies...

 And I've shared lots of margaritas with mine :-)

In between the rain, we've spent some beautiful days at the beach...

And we've had LOTS of fun visitors, like this little dude...

And Uncle Joe...

And Nana & Papa..

And this weekend, Mima, Papa Steve, Aunt Dana, Uncle Kevin, Nia and Nolan ALL came down for the fireworks show!! We drank patriotic punch...

Got dolled up in our 4th of July gear...

And watched a FANTASTIC fireworks show. 

It was the perfect way to end our holiday weekend.

As much as I LOVE camping and as excited as I am to leave again for another family camping vacay really's nice to be home.

So if you'll excuse me friends, my comfy bed is calling my name :-)

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!


  1. Great post! Everytime I see your camper, I want one!! Glad you are having a great summer!!

  2. Your first half of summer looks great! There's a place in NC called Santa's Land that looks similar to where you went.


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