Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teaching Tuesday: Camping Week

Teaching Tuesday...Teaching's all the same right?


So...let's talk about one of my FAVORITE units this summer.


I sorta feel like the kids and I are experts in this department now. Coming up with camping activities was easy this week...but doing them at home, inside, was NOT easy. All 4 kids have been spoiled with real s'mores over a real campfire for the better part of the summer so when I told them to pretend to cook their marshmallows over that fake campfire...they just looked at it with blank stares. Ha!

The pretend campfire may not be as cool as the real thing, but having the kids collect sticks for the fire was fun enough :-) To make your own pretend campfire, you just need:

Red, Orange, and/or Yellow tissue paper
A "Campfire Pit" to glue it all on.

Then just let the kids go to town making the "fire" with glue and then pull out a big bag of marshmallows.

We decided to do our campfire during story time, which definitely made the kids more willing to sit through a couple books. Here are just a few we had on hand from our house and the library.

The camping worksheets we did this week come from two different AWESOME sets that I found on Pinterest. The first set comes from Homeschool Creations.

Camping Collage

The girls loved the all the letter tracing and sight word pages...

And the boys loved the mazes...

And the matching/pattern activities.

 The other set the kids liked a lot was from 2 Teaching Mommies.


The kids really loved the shadow matching and number order puzzle.

After all the worksheets, the kids were begging for a craft. There are SO MANY awesome outdoor/camping crafts on was hard to decide what to make. But because we have been doing a lot with paper, glue and glitter lately, I thought we would try something more earth friendly :-) So we made pinecone bird feeders!!

I really thought I had taken some better pictures of this project but unfortunately...this is all I have. Basically, we just smeared our pinecones with peanutbutter, rolled them in birdseed, tied some string around the top and hung them from the tree outside! It was a super easy craft and the kids enjoyed getting a little messy.

This week, I only had the kiddos for half the day so we ran out of time for the other awesome activity I had planned. But that's okay because we are taking these super fun Scavenger Hunt bags with us on our camping trip to Michigan!!!

When I went in search of some already made scavenger hunt lists, I found a bunch of really fun ones. My favorite (and the inspiration for my printable) came from The Creative Homemaker. I loved how she made the list with pictures instead of just words (since my kids can't read yet) and then attached the list to a brown paper bag with handles. Such a brilliant idea!!!!

I actually found the brown bags at Target in the scrapbook supply isle. They came in a set of 8 for only $3.99, which was about the best I could find. I then just printed out my Outdoor Scavenger Hunt printable, glued it to the bag and viola! A fabulous outdoor activity that you can do on a campground or even in your own backyard!

Well that's all I have for today friends! Camping Week continues for all of us in the great outdoors and WE CAN'T WAIT!!! I hope you all enjoy these fun activities and printables...I know we sure did!! 

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  1. This is so cute! I need to send the boys to your house on summer break.


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