Thursday, August 29, 2013

100 Days to Christmas Review and NEW Christmas Printables

It's hard to even think about Christmas when it is still 90 degrees outside, but because I LIVE for this holiday, I've already been anxiously awaiting the release of the 2013 edition of 100 Days to Christmas ebook!

100 Days to Christmas 2013 eBook

For three years now, I have had the privilege of reviewing 100 Days to Christmas and it has quickly become one of my most favorite holiday traditions. I am a sucker for anything that claims to help keep me organized, especially during the busy holiday season, but this book is so much more than that!! One day I will be making a productive list of all my Christmas card recipients for "Address Roundup", and the next day I'll be out picking apples with my kids for "Apple of My Eye" day. This ebook is the perfect blend of fun and functionality. I can honestly say that my past few holiday seasons would not have been as peaceful or enjoyable if it had not been for the wonderful tips and inspiration that this book provides.

And for all of you I-Dont-Think-About-Christmas-Until-After-Thanksgiving types...please don't let the title of the book fool you. It may force you to think about your wrapping supplies and Christmas card pictures a little earlier than you are used to, but it also makes sure to not leave out a single holiday from September - December. There will be plenty of time to bake pies out of the apples you pick, take an afternoon drive to check out the changing leaves, visit a pumpkin patch and prepare for all those trick-or-treaters. This book will also help you plan for your Thanksgiving feast and remind you to pop some popcorn and enjoy a family viewing of Charlie Brown.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this book is the inspiration it provides to start new family traditions. In October, we are inspired to "Establish a Tradition of Giving". This may be something your family already does during the holidays, but if you are like me, it is nice to have that reminder to start thinking about it ahead of time. Choose the organizations you want to work with, start saving those pennies or collecting items for donation and most importantly...spend some time thinking about something that is meaningful to your family and make it your new tradition. For us, we donate toys to sick kids in the hospital and support at least one needy family from the community through the Salvation Army. The kids also participated in Operation Christmas Child through school last year and that was so exciting for them. These events are also a part of our Advent Activities Calendar, which is another tradition inspired by 100 Days to Christmas.

You see friends...this is why this book is so genius. You can take a good old To-Do list and turn it into a meaningful holiday tradition! We've been doing an Advent Activities Calendar for 3 years now and the kids love sitting down to talk about all the things we want to do. This year's ebook comes with 31 printables from ListPlanIt, including an Advent Activities Calendar that you can print at home or view on your mobile phone or tablet. I have actually enjoyed hanging our Advent Activities Calendar on our fridge, so I made a fancier version of this list to coordinate with my own Christmas Binder Printables.

If you like fancy, I've got 6 great printables for your holiday binder, including the NEW Menu Planner and Christmas Budget Log. You can download all of them here.

But if you like to keep things simple and functional {and not waste all that ink on the "fancy"}, ListPlanIt is really your one-stop-shop. They have HUNDREDS of lists to keep you organized all year long. And the great news is that your copy of 100 Days to Christmas will come with a 60-Day free trial!!!

All the fun starts on September 16th, but if you visit ListPlanIt and the click over to 100 Days of Christmas, you can enter to win a FREE COPY of the book!! But hurry guys...this giveaway ends on August 30th!!

Be sure to let me know if you purchase {or WIN} a coy of the ebook this year so we can follow along with each other and share ideas throughout the season. I also encourage you to like 100 Days to Christmas on Facebook and be a part of the Christmas-loving community :-)

Thank you so much to Jennifer Tankersley for the opportunity to review and share this fabulous book. Here's to a wonderful, enjoyable, PEACEFUL holiday season!!

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