Monday, August 12, 2013

MORE Free Printables Just in Time to Get You Organized for Back to School

The clock is ticking my friends and school is JUST around the corner!! I was looking around my house the other day and realized we are SO not ready for this transition. The kids closets need to be reorganized and school clothes/shoes need to be hung and put away. My office needs to be cleaned up from my planner-making-marathon the last few weeks and prepared for homework, paper grading and shop business {you know...since it's almost HOLIDAY season too}. I also need to get my own closet organized and get the kitchen put back in working order so that breakfast, lunch and dinner can fly out of there on schedule.

Man...when I write it out like that it sorta freaks me out. SO MUCH TO DO!!

But it's a good thing that I have my fabulous planner all set up and ready to go so that I don't skip a beat this year!! I am DETERMINED to be the most organized and stress-free ME I can BE this school year! I will learn to prioritize, I will to say "no" and I will make more time for the things that make me happy. 

So what are all of your goals for this school year? If getting organized is one of them, there is still time to order our FABULOUS Planner Pages and download one or all of FABULOUS Home Management Printables! Thanks to all of your helpful suggestions and feedback this week, I have added SEVEN new printables to our Planner and Home Management Binder kit!

The kit will now include a monthly budget worksheet and account register, a contacts list, password tracker, favorite websites, a holiday list for 2013-2015 and an annual renewals list.

And as an ADDED BONUS for all you teachers out there, I've created a standard blank Weekly Lesson Plan worksheet!

To see the new printables in more detail, head on over to our shop and read through our "Making Your Planner Work for You" post. You will also notice that I am going to be adding links to all of the fabulous blogs that post about our pages in action. My friend Sarah from Happily Edwards After just did a great post this weekend showing off her beautiful planner and how she is making it work for her family. She also eases any fears you all may have about printing at's really easier {and more cost effective} than you think!

I can't thank you all enough for all the planner love I've received the last two weeks and all I can say is there is a LOT more to come :-)

Happy Monday Friends and Happy Organizing!!

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  1. What a fabulous post Sarah did on the planner! i have to agree! It's the BEST planner I have used! And I love that she chose the turquoise cover from Martha Stewart. Neat how her personal page shows through! And the bright color tabs are adorable. And believe me...I'm not saving how wonderful this planner is just because Jen is my daughter.


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