Friday, October 11, 2013

33 Things about the 33-year-old Me

1. I'm a mommy to two of the cutest {and craziest} kids in the whole wide world.

2. I am exactly like my mother...and I'm okay with it :-)

3. After years of work on Eric's part, I now like country music.

4. I can never have just one job again. I love being a Mom/Teacher/ShopOwner.

5. I still miss being on a dance team, so I help organize alumni games just so I can still go to Pom practice.

6. I've become a total night owl.

7. I've become an excellent driver...sorta.

8. I live for coffee.

9. I take shitty selfies.

10. I still don't look right in aviator sunglasses but I wear them anyway.

11. I like high-waisted jeans.

12. I haven't bought a new pair of heels in 2.5 years.

13. I want to start wearing pajamas. Like real pajamas. 

14. I wear a bathrobe out to get the paper on Sundays...just like every other old lady in my neighborhood.

15. I will never give up running because I love the outfits and shoes too much.

16. I am a crappy doggy-mommy. Howard is okay with it though and loves me anyway.

17. I am still a planner whore...and apparently a planner-making whore.

18. I love wine. Always have, always will.

19. I want to buy a house in Holland, Michigan and vacation there every summer.

20. I love camping and can't wait to take this baby out every chance we get.

21. Some of my best friends live in my iPhone (thanks for that expression Sarah).

22. I miss my 20-year-old boobs.

23. I miss my 20-year-old bootie.

24. I do NOT miss my 20-year-old highlights. Yikes.

25. I am just plain smarter. Except when it comes to math.

26. I still miss Harry Potter.

27. I know how to shoot a gun and I own camo clothing.

28. I can cook raw meat without gagging. Sometimes.

29. I still don't know how to say "no"

30. I love being an aunt just as much as I love being a mom.

31. I have finally found a church that I feel comfortable in and I have a new outlook on faith.

32. I still think I am a comedian, but Eric tells me otherwise :-)

33. There isn't one thing left to wish for when I blow out my candles this year because God has given me everything I have ever wanted. And that makes me the luckiest birthday girl in the world :-)


  1. Love this! Happy Birthday Jen I hope you have a great day and tons of fun this weekend!! We should do Bday drinks sometime soon I'll text you and we'll make a date!

  2. Happy Birthday Buddy!! Don't forget to get some miles in on Nike for your extra frosting award :) Love ya!!

  3. And I am the luckiest Dad in the world!!!!!!

  4. Haha! I love #26, and can so relate! Which makes us cool! ;-)


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