Friday, October 4, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Where's the Motivation?

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike...guess what day it is?

Sometimes I feel super guilty when I log on to write this post each week and realize that I have NOTHING to say because I didn't work out, I didn't eat right and I didn't have the slightest bit of motivation to do either of those things.

I am assuming that many of you know the feeling, considering how slow this link-up has been lately and how slow my wonderful L.G.N. Board has been. I think we are all lacking some serious motivation lately and I wonder what's causing it?? Or maybe the better question is, how do we fix it?


Every week when I grocery shop, I swear I am not going to buy anything unhealthy for me or the kids because if it's not in the house, it can't tempt us. Right? But then I see all these Fall Little Debbie treats and suddenly I am possessed and throwing everything with a pumpkin on the box into my cart.

And then I bring it home and the kids are like, "MOM! You're the BEST!" And then how do I say no to that? Plus I am a sucker for holidays in general.

So I went in search this week for some healthy Halloween treats to replace the cakes and cookies and candy. I found this little article and it had some really great ideas. You can check it out here.

13 Healthy Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Devour


I can't even address this subtopic right now because I truthfully have NOTHING to say. Other than I got my race bib in the mail for the Monster Dash Half Marathon (that I am no longer running) and it made me feel SUPER DUPER guilty. I also have some fabulous running buddies who are racing in the Chicago Marathon next weekend and all their dedication makes me feel like a total failure.

BUT...the purpose of this link-up is to focus on the positives now so while I will admit that I am not Doing much by way of physical fitness, I have been spending my time doing things I love lately and that is the most important part. At least for now. But guys...Jenny wants her groove back!!!! When will it kick back in?!


So I have been giving a LOT of thought to this whole Gluten-Free thing that I have been faced with and no matter the diagnosis of my mind is made up that I need to eliminate all (or most) gluten in my diet. This week I paid close attention to the things I was eating and how I would feel after and even though I wasn't on the floor in agony or running to the bathroom, I can tell that something just isn't right in that tummy of mine. And now that I know what it is and how to fix it, I am actually looking forward to this change in my diet. I wish my test was tomorrow so I could finally get on the right track!! But while I wait, I have this new book to keep me busy (I will review this and Elizabeth Hassleback's book next week).

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

Thanks for stopping by Health & Fitness Friday: Lack of Motivation and Boring as Shit Edition! I hope you guys had a more productive week than I did :-)


  1. I have been loving my workouts with my girl. I wanted to say that I have a you can actually see it! It's kinda awesome (for me)!

  2. Jen! I'm so excited for you and this gluten free decision! After eliminating it, so many things have gotten better for me and I know the same will be for you! Text me with ANY questions, tips, or suggestions - like I said, NOT a pro, but I have a good handle on it now!


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