Friday, October 18, 2013

My Birthday Recap and a Trip to Yogi Bear

When Eric asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I told him that I wanted to go back to Holland, Michigan. I wanted to go apple picking, stop at a winery or two, enjoy the beautiful fall foliage...

And as I am explaining this to him, I looked at Addie and Blake. They were looking at me with excited eyes because they thought they were coming on this trip. Addie even asked what a winery is and if she could wear her "maxi dress" to it. Before I could even answer she was already packing her stuff for the camper. 

Now really...HOW could I burst their little bubbles? I knew that a few of our camping buddies were heading to Yogi Bear that weekend for the Halloween/Hibernation celebration and I knew the kids would so much rather be there instead of picking apples and watching mommy drink at a winery.

So what did I decide?

I think this guy says it all...

Eric, the kids and the rest of our friends made my birthday night so special. We had cake...

And my girls bought me a winery-in-a-box...

And then we all sat by the cozy fire all night telling funny stories. The best part was that I was in bed by 9:30 and woke up feeling rested for the first time in SO LONG!!!

And the next day was filled with more fun. Even though it was a blustery, wet fall day...we still managed to take a hayrack ride with Yogi...

And listen to this cutie sing "Herman the Worm" over and over again. 

Addie and I squeezed in a little mommy time while the boys took a hike.

And then when the heavy rain FINALLY let was time for the Costume Parade and trick-or-treating!!

The weather didn't stop anyone from coming out and having a good time. But if you notice, almost every parent has a drink in their hand. haha!

And because of those drinks, we decided to dress up a bit too. Here I am with my "foxy" friend Jamie.

After tick-or-treating, the kids were pretty wiped and poor Addie was getting a nasty cold. She spent a good part of Sunday in the camper resting up and watching movies, but then made it out just in time for the Magic Pumpkin hayrack ride.

Every child got a magic pumpkin seed to plant in the "magic patch." Eric helped them dig their little holes, but they wanted to be the ones to drop in the seed.

Blake went first, of course :-)

And then Addie.

And then they both helped Eric cover up the holes and stick their markers into the ground.

They were SO PROUD.

So we left our little magic pumpkin seeds to grow.

And when we returned for the Halloween forest walk a few hours later, our seeds and grown into cute little pumpkins!!

The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever.

We really had the BEST TIME at Yogi and I think all 4 of us wanted to cry when the weekend was over. It was the best birthday weekend I could have ever imagined :-)

And really...the weekend at Yogi was only half of the celebrating I got to do this year!! The weekend before, my Mother-in-law Patti cooked me the most DELICIOUS birthday dinner ever (I always request her lasagna).

And I got some help blowing out ALL of my candles from these cuties.

The next morning, Aunt Di and I got to have a joint birthday celebration and enjoyed a DELICIOUS brunch.

Everyone spoiled me rotten with gifts that spoke to my heart. I had sweet cards, bottles of wine, Essie nail polish and Starbucks giftcards sent through the mail from Vermont, Georgia and good old Central Illinois (I miss you Peacock)!! My family got me office supplies (including a laminator I've been wanting #dork), a shopping spree to Target, new wine glasses and everything polkadot they could find. Like I said...SPOILED!!! And these three showered me with an endless supply of hugs and kisses.

Thanks so much to my wonderful family and amazing friends for all the birthday love the last two weeks. I was one lucky birthday girl :-)

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