Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Completely Unplanned and Completely FABULOUS Family Photoshoot

If you've ever planned a family picture before, you know the stress that goes along with picking the perfect outfit, getting an opening with the perfect photographer, picking the perfect time of year for weather, the perfect time of day for's exhausting!

And no matter how hard you try to plan for never turns out that way. Someone always drips juice down their clean dress, someone always loses a shoe right before it's time to leave, the rain comes in just as you arrive at the know how it goes. Family picture day is HARD and someone always ends up crying by the end of it. In our case, it's almost always Eric :-)

So this year, instead of planning for the perfect family picture, I decided to just take the kids to Picture People in the mall to use up a Groupon. Last year they did a great job capturing a few cute shots of the kids in their Christmas outfits and frankly...that was good enough for me. We could wait one more year for our beautiful sunset pictures in the park.

But then on Sunday, just as I was getting the kids ready for their appointment, Eric made it home early from packing up the camper. We were both home and showered and dressed and I thought...what the hell! Let's get dressed up too and try to take a family picture! So we put together whatever we had clean in our closet (that didn't smell like campfire) and headed to the mall.

In the car, I promised Eric that I wouldn't get stressed or go crazy trying to set up the perfect pose. I would just go with the flow, let the photographer tell us what to do, and we would only take pictures while the kids cooperated. Once they started to melt down...we would leave with what we had. But then I secretly PRAYED we would get at least one cute family shot.

And I guess God was listening because in the 15 minutes we were in front of the camera, we got 25 of the most PRECIOUS shots I could have asked for. I won't overload you with every picture, but here are some of my absolute favorites.

Addie had to do a twirl at the end :-)

For a last minute, COMPLETELY unplanned family photoshoot...I would say these turned out pretty damn cute. I've already put together our Christmas card and I can't wait to mail them out this year!!

So has this every happened to anyone else? You stress over family pictures forever and then you pick a random day at a random place and you get of the best shots ever?!! I think my new strategy needs to be to STOP planning. And use more Groupons :-)


  1. Oh my goodness! Such great pics! I've got to get my family (hubby mainly, haha) on board to do this soon!!

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