Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Want to Make Your Own Christmas Cards This Year?!

It's no secret that I love me some digital scrapbooking and crafting. Ever since I started using My Memories Suite software 3 years ago, I've become a printable making, planner designing, invitation creating, digital scrapbooking MACHINE!

A lot of people ask me, "How on earth do you find time to do all that?"

The truth has taken me a while to learn the ins and outs of digital crafting but what has REALLY saved me time is being able to work with software that I understand. Software that makes it easy to create and design whatever I want. Once you understand the basics of how My Memories Suite works, you will be making all of your own scrapbook pages, invitations, printables, etc. in no time!!

But great software isn't cheap. I understand that these days, life is all about budgeting and making smart choices. And although spending $39.97 on digital scrapbooking software may seem unnecessary...make sure you take into consideration all the money you will SAVE by making your own party invites, banners, labels, etc. 

And as any traditional scrapbooker knows, printing pictures, buying albums, paper and supplies is NOT cheap. In fact, traditional scrapbooking may have been the most expensive hobby I have ever had. The great thing about doing digital scrapbooking is that you could actually make your albums for free!! My Memories Suite comes with so many papers, embellishments and other tools built right in that you may never have the need to purchase anything else! Although, when you browse their online store, it may be hard to resist picking up some of their adorable kits :-)

Once you have made an entire album, you can simply save it to your computer and view it online, or you can have it printed. The books I have had printed so far are BEAUTIFUL and the best part is that none of my embellishments fall off if the kids are rough with them :-)

And although this software is made for digital scrapbooking, you can use it to make SO much more. Invitations and holiday cards are two of the things I use it for most, and once you see how simple it is to create your own, you will want to make cards and invitations for every occasion.

In order to show you just how simple it is to make a holiday card or invitation, I put together a little video tutorial last year that has come in really handy for a lot of people. Please keep in mind that I am a total amateur when it comes to video tutorials and I still have yet to teach myself how to edit, so I did this whole tutorial in one continuous take. I am chatty and go over a lot in those 14 minutes, but hopefully it will help you see just how simple it is to use this software.

Hopefully by now, you can see how amazing this software is. It is worth every penny and then some.

But what if I told you that for one week only, you could save yourself $40 and

Download My Memories Suite for FREE?!!

That's right...I said FREE!!! For one week, My Memories Suite v4 can be download at no cost by entering this coupon code at checkout:


You will notice in my tutorial that I am running v2 of v3, so I am hoping to replace this tutorial with a more current version soon as I download my copy of v4!

I have never seen an offer this awesome from MMS before so ACT FAST friends!!! Just think of how much money you could save yourself this Christmas by making your own cards, invitations, gift tags and more!

And be sure to sign up for their email list so you don't miss out on adorable freebies {like this one} each month!

Free Download

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Hi I saw the pictures of your wedding and I was just wondering, if it's not a bother, but where is that?? It looks exactly where I can picture my party! If you could please get back to me(:

  2. I am downloading MMS right now, and I am so excited! Thanks for sharing :-)


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